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Lately I haven't been very active (real life intrudes) and don't do much other than run Rick Bot (which mostly runs itself)

I have worked on the Japanese prefectures, towns and villages articles (see Wikipedia:WikiProject Japan/Gappei), created and helped with various geographical infoboxes (see Wikipedia:Geographical infoboxes), created List of Wikipedians by featured article nominations (and its siblings WP:WBFLN and WP:WBFTN - WP:WBFPC is a work in progress) and was for quite a while a regular responder at the Help desk and Village pump.

I shepherded Monty Hall problem through the Wikipedia:Featured articles process and was instrumental in the adoption of Wikipedia:Naming conventions (categories) as policy.

What I thinkEdit

  • Wikipedia's newcomers are undoubtedly ignorant of many local rules and conventions, but some of them are experts and we desperately need them. Don't piss them off. Most of them mean well.
  • Wikipedia's most active editors generally aren't suffering from terminal editcountitis. They just like editing and spend far too much time at it. They should take a break before carpal tunnel syndrome sets in.
  • Wikipedia's administrators deal with obnoxious vandals and do whatever it takes to keep the place running. They deserve our utmost sympathy. Sometimes, some of them might be a little cranky. You try dealing with assholes for a few hours and see what kind of mood you're in.
  • The MediaWiki software developers are lazy bums probably out drinking while the rest of us try to work around bugs in their lousy software. OK. So, I don't really think this. But I think some people do. The main thing to realize is ...

... everyone here, newcomer to developer, is a volunteer. Let's all try to get along.

Favorite quotesEdit

  • I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. (attributed to Bill Hicks).
  • All extremists should be shot (don't know the original source of this one).