Curiosity killed the cat! The only thing you need to know about Pel_thal is that I wished to use the name "Pelagia", a name associated with the sea and having -gia as a suffix.

My motto? "Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges", Tacitus

Some of my favourite songs can be found following these links [1], [2].

If I was an animal, this is probably how I would look like!

Countries Pelagia has been to: Ireland-too young, however, to remember anything... Denmark-Et dejligt land! Luxembourg-because of my academic merits! UK-Unfortunately only to London Turkey-Istanbul is probably the most beautiful city I've been to Italy-a fantastic country, want to go back ASAP! Germany-Berlin, Bayern, Saxony Sweden-a wonderful country! Stockholm:Venice of the North Greece-For the time being, I live there... Belgium-daydreaming about Bruges, the fairytale city... Why doesn't anyone speak English in Spain? Touching to see that Greek is a language spoken even outside the borders of Greece... Only to Prague... Beautiful city Only to Strasbourg:one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. Sofia & PlovdivAmsterdam and whereabouts Constanta

My user page at the Greek wikipedia is this

My user page at the Swedish wikipedia is this

My user page at the French wikipedia is this

Articles I have created at the English wikipedia: Tylosand, Agios Sostis the French wikipedia: Kostas Varnalis

...and at the Greek wikipedia: Λύκαια, Άγιος Σώστης, Ρόαλντ Νταλ

Articles to which I have made major contributions: Roza Eskenazi, Dionysios Solomos