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I am currently a 4th year Psychology (Science) student at McGill. I am also a competitive eater currently participating under the umbrella of the Canadian Competitive Eaters Association (direct affiliate of the AICE). I am ethnically Chinese, and was born in HK. I tend to think of myself as a multilingual editor, but with some languages that are stronger than others.

I specialize mostly in S.H.E-related knowledge, mostly because I've put in the effort to scrounge up news on YouTube. That, and it's nearly impossible to search "S.H.E" on (English) Google. Why? Because Google removes the dots and makes it into a pronoun that nearly every page on the Internet has. I sometimes create stubs on things that seem missing from Wikipedia, but due to my general lack of knowledge about the subject matter, I usually leave it to other Wikipedians to expand.

Memorable Wikipedia quotesEdit

"By trying to make China a pawn in your pathetic game you have only earned yourself the enmity of a whole new group of people."

- Ideogram kicking some ass on an AfD.

"Pet" projectsEdit

I call them pet projects mostly because I spend time on pages one at a time. So here we go:



  •  Start  Ella Chen
  •  Start  Back Dorm Boys
  •  B  A-mei

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