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November 2016


Moo2, three strategies

12 ; 34 ae (if n>3 presumably)
12 ; 34 or 13 ae ; 14/25 (distinct from above if n>3)
12 ; 34 or 13 ae ; 45 (distinct from above if n>4)


Mon 11-14
Sat 11-19

October 2014


HI Baltimore

01 Wed Oct, 02 Thu Oct, $27 per night (non-members); several beds now available (10 10, 10 10, 7 8, 9 9 --the latter being Male 12 Person Dorm)

Amtrak now $98.00, several available Wed, not many Thu (2014-09-18).

Bus not investigated.

Small lockers, bring padlock.



Wed1 - NL wildcard Thu2 - AL games 1 Fri3 - AL games 2, NL games 1 (Diane drives north, evening) ... Wed8 - AL games 5 Thu9 - NL games 5

Fri10 - ALCS 1 Sat11 - ALCS 2, NLCS 1

Sat18 - ALCS 7, NLCS 6 Sun19 - NLCS 7

Email report to family

medi appts 0910 17 22, more test at least f first two, return appts 2 and 6 months on --so personal consultation not expected after test results?

what did ultrasound find?

Fri 26 - BC invitational Wed/Thu 1/2 - to Baltimore and one day there? (be there, watch game at a pub?) Fri 3 - with Diane to FV Sat 4 - to Lehigh Fri 10, or earlier - return travel?

running - off and on, mainly off Aug Sep after on Jun Jul

August 2013


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May 2013



Our other maps for comparison

(this file) [1]

(its principal acknowledged source " based on information mainly compiled from") [2]

Ottoman Empire - [3] (said to be greatest extent, 1590 and 1600)

(small animation) [4]


[6] --P64 (talk) 20:48, 6 August 2013 (UTC)

2013-07-24 Nonny Hogrogian; Armenian Genocide; George Horton

Talk: Armenian Genocide

Now I have read some other articles and perused numerous maps. Here are three articles (especially the linked sections) very instructive about the recent background. Russian Armenia; Armenian Question#Origin; Ottoman Armenia#Reform implementation, 1860s–1880s. --P64 (talk) 19:24, 25 July 2013 (UTC)

Lesser Armenia; Persian Armenia; --skip 1000 years, post-Byzantium --

Safavid dynasty; Timurid dynasty; Peace of Amasya; Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca; Qajar dynasty; Caucasian War; Khanates of the Caucasus; Treaty of Gulistan; Treaty of Turkmenchay; Treaty of Adrianople; Russian Armenia; Erivan Governorate; Armenian Question#Origin; Ottoman Armenia#Reform implementation, 1860s–1880s; File:The Russo-Turkish War in Caucasia, 1877.gif (with 1878 treaties); File:Russia Caucusus 1882.jpg;

Armenian reform package -- Armenian Genocide fits here -- Republic of Van; Special Transcaucasian Committee; Democratic Republic of Armenia; Partitioning of the Ottoman Empire; Treaty of Sèvres (extreme Northeast shows 1923 Turkey's increase beyond the 1914 Ottoman frontier); Turkish–Armenian War; Treaty of Moscow (1921); Treaty of Kars; Turkish War of Independence; Treaty of Lausanne

Russo-Ottoman Wars
Russo–Persian Wars
Ottoman–Persian Wars
Muslim conquests
Roman–Persian Wars


  • File:Perkins_School.jpg
  • File:1899_Watertown_public_library_Massachusetts.png
  • File:Gerry Landing.jpg
  • Perkins Braille and Talking Book Library
  • Howe Press (Perkins Products)

60 Minutes: Harvard SEAS, Springfield MA Kip Parker 60 minutes 2013-05-05; Kip Parker 60 minutes extra

Mike Rafferty


Australian Baseball League : History

Australia's Baseball Beginnings

Australian Baseball Federation refers here for histor

Excerpts from Time and Game: The History of Australian Baseball
By Joe Clark

(This is the book, from a Master's thesis iirc.)

not sent

Highland games

Stephen Farrell (track and field)

Marshall Taylor



The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe, 2013 IRA

The Boston Globe, 2013 coverage by John Powers

annual Program, Marist College [7]

IRA estabd 1891 "The Crews on the Thames: An Intercollegiate Rowing Association Proposed", The New York Times, June 23, 1891, p. 5 "The Races on the Thames: To Begin Today With Yale, Harvard, and Columbia", NYT, June 24, 1891, p. 5 --H-Y varsity, triangular frosh H-Y-Columbia tomorrow; triangular varsity C-C-P thursday --meeting 0623 eve to form a new i.r.a., and to abandon N.L., no power to act; to call a meeting NYC last saturday in October "Collegiate Oarsmen Organize: A New Intercollegitate Rowing Association Formed", The New York Times, November 1, 1891, p. 9

only three altho Bowdoin expected --first proposed by Columbia coach Peet. 1. Thames course does not accommodate more than two; 2. distance is great and without travel subsidy; 3. H-Y commands public attention
Peet: We need a Henley. "We all favor a course somewhere on the Hudson."
hoping for West Point and Princeton, eventually H and Y

Walter B. Peet

Harvard–Yale Regatta

"Hurrah for the Shoes". Harper's Weekly. July 27, 1878.
[[8]] John Adler, Publisher, HarpWeek

On This Day

Competition from 1715 UK, 1760s NEng whale boats
1852 corporate sponsorship
1858/59 Harvard, Yale, Brown, and Trinity formed the College Regatta Association. In 1859, the first regatta was held on the Connecticut River before a crowd of 15-20,000, and Harvard emerged victorious.
1870 The Harvard-Yale competitions continued until 1870 when an accusation that the Harvard crew had fouled the Yale boat provoked fighting among the 15,000 spectators.
In 1869, the Harvard crew generated considerable publicity when it traveled to England to compete against Oxford on the Thames River. The race was telegraphed back by the new transatlantic cable. Although Harvard lost by six seconds, it demonstrated that American rowers could compete well against the more experienced British.
1871 ... It also inspired the formation in 1871 of the first intercollegiate athletic association in the United States, the Rowing Association of American Colleges.
1871 The original members of the Rowing Association were Harvard, Brown, Bowdoin, and Massachusetts Agriculture College (later, the University of Massachusetts). Yale, still upset over the previous year's controversy with Harvard, refused to join.
RA 1871 Mass Agri; 1874 Saratoga Columbia; 1875 Cornell
1878 Henley participation: 4 July Sho-wae-cae-mettes defeats "British rivals" (the main event?); 5 July Columbia wins Visitors Cup

Poughkeepsie Regatta


  1. ^ "The Poughkeepsie Regatta". Hudson River Rowing Association. October 4, 2008. Retrieved 2013-05-11.
  2. ^ "Quadricentennial Poughkeepsie Regatta". The New York Times. October 4, 2009. Retrieved 2013-05-11.
  3. ^ "Men's Crew Wins Annual Poughkeepsie Regatta, Women Finish Second". Marist Athletics. September 29, 2012. Retrieved 2013-05-11.

Peter Mallory. The Sport of Rowing: Two Centuries of Competition. Four volumes. Henley-on-Thames, England: River Rowing Museum. 2011. Selections published online in advance as Exclusive Features.

  • "American Collegiate Rowing Takes Shape". Mallory (2011), vol. 2, ch. 28 (pp. 319–29). Featured online by in (Mallory, chapters 27–35) (pages 312–60). Retrieved 2013-05-11.
  • "Bob Cook: Pilgrimage to Britain – The Bob Cook Stroke". Mallory (2011), vol. 2, ch. 27 (pp. 312–18). Featured online by in (Mallory, chapters 27–35) (pages 312–60). Retrieved 2013-05-11.
Ext links

1859-07-26, news July 27

  • nytrib p4 "The College Regatta--Harvard Victorious" four boats, two from Harvard coxless; Yale and Brown with coxs! 1-1/2 miles up and back around a stake boat

1870-07-22 news July 23

  • nytimes p5 "The Worcester Races: Quinsigamond Once More the Scene of the Trials of College Crews"
  • nytrib p5 "Out-Door Sports: The University Regattas Tale" this year's introduction of greased seat or (Yale) sliding seat "New England's four best-known seats of learning"; 4 fresh, 2 varsity -- a clear race at single scull, three for the judges to decide in conference ... "every effort should be made to remove these annual races from this city to some place where prejudice does not run so strong"

1871 nytimes 1871-05-11 p2 Personal, Political and General [blurbs] "The YUBC has voted not to enter the RAAC, and take part in the proposed regatta. The Club declares that not until its last challenge to Harvard is formally accepted or refused, will it enter any regatta where it must meet Harvard as an opponent."

1871 race Ingleside

1872 race Springfield (1872-07-24, news July 25); see also yesterday

  • New York Tribune p1; NYT p5; BG p5 "The result of last year's race at Ingleside was a great surprise, but this year calculation has been completely baffled." --Amherst commonly ranked sixth; ppd yesterday by upstream wind; probably 10000 waited for hours before announcement at 7:00pm

1873 race Springfield (1873-07-17, news July 18) -- a flood

1874 race Saratoga (1874-07-18, news July 19 --finally day of regatta week including H-Y base ball(?)

  • "The feeling between Yale and Harvard is very bitter and [Yale Capt.] Cook has challenged the winning crew [ie, 3rd-place Harvard] to another race." --third year in a row to close with a challenge Chicago Daily Tribune July 19, 1874, p4

1875 race

1876 race

  • "College Regatta: Yale and Harvard Eight-Oar Crews Try Conclusions. The Contest Takes Place on the Old Connecticut River Course." Chicago Daily Tribune. July 1, 1876. --eight-oared crews on the CT River "an overwhelming victory for Yale" ... "Both crews were given a citizens' reception this evening at the Springfield Club-house, after which the Harvard six left for Saratoga [the RAAC Regatta]. Yale does not row there, and Harvard will not after this year, but the eight-oared bout between Yale and Harvard, so successfully inaugurated to-day, will undoubtedly become an annual and permanent institution."

1871-07-22 (day after regatta)

  • ct Lone Stars of New Orleans arr Chicago; Ellis Ward single, Harvard fr, Mass Agri varsity
  • nytrib p4 The College Oarsmen "The quarrel betw H and Y, thr wh the former college was unrep, was unfort, on whichever side the blame rested. But as the races are now in th hands of a more general committee, such misunderstandings will probably be avoided in the future."
  • nytrib p1 "The College Regatta: Amherst Victorious" "The second day of the races ..." Amherst initially 47 strokes/min after merely 10 days training
  • nytimes p4 "Rowing and the Late Regatta" for ecumenical competition and exercise for our sedentary business men
  • nytimes p5 "Rowing at Ingleside: Fine Day and Good Weather for the University Races" "the closing race of regatta week" by 14 and 20/21 lengths -- "The races of today redeem the season, and regatta week closes brilliantly [past regattas were professional?]

1876-07-19 coverage perhaps 07-15 to 07-20

  • nytimes 1876-07-19 p2 Regatta Record of Worcester, Springfield, and Saratoga
RAAC university races, IRA races 1895–97 [Friends]
Year Site Entries Winner (other)
1870 RAAC established to govern a single 1871 race Harvard, Amherst, Bowdoin, Brown
1871-07-21 Ingleside MA 3 Massachusetts Agricultural College
1872-07-24 Springfield MA  6 Amherst College
1873-07-17 Springfield MA Yale (11 members) Amherst, Bowdoin, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Mass. Agri., Trinity, Wesleyan, Williams, Yale
1874-07-18 Lake Saratoga 9 Columbia College
1875-07-14 Lake Saratoga 13 Cornell (13 entries) Amherst, Brown, Bowdoin, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Hamilton, Harvard, Princeton, Union, Wesleyan, Williams, Yale
1876-07-19 Lake Saratoga >2 Cornell
1877 (none)
1878 (none)
1879 Lake George (New York) >2 Columbia Wesleyan
1880 Lake George >2 Cornell Penn
1881 (no race?) 1879 to 1887 races were short, 1.5 mi exc 2 mi 1883
1882 Lake George >2 Pennsylvania Wesleyan
1883 Lake George >2 Cornell Penn
1884 Lake Saratoga >2 Pennsylvania Cornell
1885 Quinsigamond >2 Cornell Brown
1886 Lake George 2 Bowdoin Penn
1887 Quinsigamond 2 Cornell Bowdoin
1888 New London 2 Yale Penn
1889 New London >2 Cornell 2. Columbia
3. Penn
1890 New London 2 Cornell Penn
1891 New London >2 Cornell 2. Penn
3. Columbia
1892 Lake Cayuga 2 Cornell Penn
1893 Lake Minnetonka (Minnesota?!) 2 Cornell Penn
1894 Torresdale, Philadelphia (Delaware R.) 2 Cornell Penn
first IRA Poughkeepsie Regatta (varsity eights, 4 miles) Columbia, Cornell, Pennsylvania
1895 Poughkeepsie, NY Columbia Cornell Pennsylvania
1896 Poughkeepsie, NY Cornell Harvard Pennsylvania
1897 Poughkeepsie, NY Cornell Harvard Yale
  • "Record of the College Regattas: From the Winnepiseogee Contest in 1852 to that of Yesterday—the victories and defeats". The New York Times. July 15, 1875. p. 2.
    • 1852 8o barges
    • 1855 handicap! won by Harvard 8o barge
    • 1858-05-26 convention HYBTrinity "College Regatta Association"
    • 1859 Brown, 3mi with turn; two 6o shell, two 6o lapstreak; w/wo coxswain
    • 1860 fr 6o lapstreak, so 6o lapstreak, varsity shells incl Brown
    • 1864- number of races 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 (Amherst, Brown fr

1866 July 26 or (nyt1875) 27

    • 1871 3mi straightaway 2+3; 1872 4+6; 1873 2(single)+3+11 "diagonal"; 1874-07-15/18 3+3+9 "accident"
  • Mallory (2011), chapters 27–28
1858 · Brown, Harvard, Trinity and Yale boat clubs planned the first inter-collegiate regatta, to be held using six-oared boats in Springfield, Massachusetts, but it was canceled after the Yale stroke drowned.

Grand Slam (tennis)


faux Sandbox

1 Yearly Logistics (Current) should cover current and most important past logistics (some now in Notes); current should comment on daily schedules, not merely show them

"Major tennis tournaments" (distinct from "G.S.") should cover participation streaks and career records
also winning streaks across all disciplines

2 History

playing & winning streak: all sections 3-6

3 Grand Slam 3-6
4 Non-calendar year Grand Slam (reigning champion of all four majors, spanning two years) 3-6
5 Most consecutive Grand Slam tournament titles good fit with 6; combine
6 Most consecutive Grand Slam singles finals good fit with 5; combine

winning streak without playing streak; why not also doubles?

7 Most Grand Slam singles titles in a row (non-consecutive) good fit with 8; combine
8 Most Grand Slam mixed doubles titles in a row (non-consecutive) good fit with 7; combine

no streak required

9 Career Grand Slam belongs with 14
14 Multiple Slam Sets belongs with 9

GOLDEN (5 titles)

10 Golden Slam good fit with 11; combine
11 Career Golden Slam good fit with 10; combine

BOXED (12 titles)

13 Career "Boxed Set" the only section about multiple disciplines at once; perhaps ==Boxed Set (12 titles)== with observation that no one has done this in one year
also who has won most in one year?

3 OUT OF 4 [may be overkill here]

12 Three Major tournament titles in a year least important, long;
should be a table at the bottom, a separate List, even a separate List that is mainly a table
should distinguish those confounded by logistics

appropriate footer:

15 See also
16 Notes
17 References
18 External links

Contents, 2012-05-19

1 Spring Training Game logs
2 Proposing the Hall of Fame task force
3 2012 Major League Baseball season‎#Milestones
4 Game log readability
5 I wish there were a free, legit way to access The Sporting News' 100+ yrs of digital archives to help with article expansion.

That one is a beginner's mistake or hasty or rude; should be (The?) "Sporting News archive" (archives?) (access?) with everything else relegated to the lead sentence.

6 article suggestion
7 Outline Page --marginal because it does mean the "Outline of Baseball"
8 WikiData
9 Featured list reviewers needed
10 Splitting
11 We should all be embarrassed --marginal because it does mean Portal: Baseball and hope to catch all baseball editors
12 Move discussion
13 Standardize Won/Loss Colors
14 Recent changes? --marginal because it does mean changes to all baseball articles, lists, etc
15 Robert Pender article
16 Hack Wilson's GA review
17 numerical milestone categories
18 Advice about this article?
19 Article question
20 Possible list

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careers of NABBP players


National Association of Base Ball Players

major leaguers who played for leading clubs (itemized in the table, column "list of mlb'ers")
extended rosters for some leading teams (itemized in the table, column "rosters of featured teams")
/NABBP data by Marshall Wright

This table covers all professional league clubs for 1869 to 1872, marked 'x' or 'pro' in the corresponding columns, 1869-70 for the old Association on the left and 1871-72 for the new Association on the right ('pro' distinguishes professional teams that did not participate in the Association pennant race). The table also covers all members of the old NABBP who later joined the new NAPBBP (only one is distinct from the 1869 to 1872 pros, the Resolute club of Elizabeth NJ that joined the pro Association in 1873). The 17 sometime pro members of the old Association (NABBP) are listed alphabetically above a divider; at right the table provides navigation to information about the careers of players from those 17 clubs only. The other five clubs, listed below the divider, merely provide some context for the featured clubs. Data in the "later" column imply the 1873 status for all of the listed clubs: five pro members from 1872 continued in 1873, six went out of business, two members of the old Association joined (from Baltimore and Elizabeth). There were other new members in 1873, however, who are not in the table.

NABBP pre-1869 NABBP 1869 NABBP 1870 city, club (or "nickname") 1871 1872 after 1872 Note rosters of featured teams encyclopedia Category list of mlb'ers
1867- x x Baltimore, Maryland 1873 only 1869 1870 players mlbers
1867- amateur x Boston, Tri-Mountain 4 pro matches none featured no category mlbers
from 1857 x x Brooklyn, Atlantic x to 1875 '69-70 and '64-65 players mlbers
from 1857 x x Brooklyn, Eckford pro x '69-70 and '62-63 players mlbers
x "Chicago White Stockings" x from 1874 new 1870 ... now the Chicago Cubs 1870 players mlbers
1867- x x "Cincinnati Red Stockings" established mid-1866 1869 1870 players mlbers
1868- x x Cleveland, Forest City x x 1869 1870 players mlbers
1866-69 x Irvington NJ, Irvington now in Greater New York 1866 1867 players mlbers
from 1857 amateur x Morrisania NY, Union now in the Bronx, New York City various players mlbers
from 1858 x x New York, Mutual x x to 1876 1867 – 1870 players mlbers
1861, 63- x x Philadelphia, Athletic x x to 1876 1869 1870 players mlbers
1863- x amateur Philadelphia, Keystone 1869 players mlbers
1868- amateur x Portsmouth OH, Riverside 6 pro matches none featured no category mlbers
1868- amateur x Rockford, Forest City x 1870 players mlbers
1867- x x "Troy Haymakers" x x 1869 1870 players mlbers
1861, 64- x x Washington, National pro x established 1859 ?? players mlbers
1867- x x Washington, Olympic x x 1869 1870 players mlbers
12 15 number of pro members ('x') 9 11 (above: 17 pro clubs NABBP 1869 or 1870) (17)
"Boston Red Stockings" x x to date new 1871 ... now the Atlanta Braves
1868 amateur amateur Fort Wayne, Kekionga x
Baltimore, Lord Baltimore x to 1874
amateur amateur Middletown CT, Mansfield x
1867- amateur amateur Elizabeth NJ, Resolute 1873 only

older material


It would be easy to spend what remains of a lifetime merely rearranging, clarifying, and correcting. But expanding the Cal McVey stub and writing the Bud Fowler stub infected me with a competing affliction, which soon prompted me to begin listing some work here.
(And one on the watch list, NAPBP->NAPBBP)

Working on some baseball clubs before 1876 including

Some new articles - ample and basic stubs

Andy Leonard
Charlie Sweasy
Charlie Gould
Fred Waterman
Alfred T. Goshorn

Some major improvements

National Association of Base Ball Players
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Cal McVey
Doug Allison
George Wright (baseball)
Asa Brainard
Harry Wright

Indentation distinguishes articles on the original Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first fully professional base ball club.