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I am a rollbacker and reviewer on the English Wikipedia. I spend my time working against vandalism. Even though I may not appear to be active, I will be working on some new method for finding, and eliminating vandals. I also do minor work to articles. You know, spelling and grammar. I also put forward my opinions on ANI, resolving smaller issues. Those would be:

  • Closing stuff where the user was blocked[1]
  • Warning users[2]
  • Giving advice

Note to admins: please feel free to revert a closure by me!

I have had my go at reviewing new articles, but I do not think it is my best area of work. Indeed, I have not reviewed many new articles for some time.
I plan on spending time at AFC, but I do have a life! Face-tongue.svg It may be some time until I have the time to help out there. (Well, looks like I have gotten started there after all!)
I have been around WP:AIV and WP:SPI to know what I am doing. If you need help filing a report, leave me a message! I would be glad to help out! I know what a duck sounds like.... I will be ready.... Face-wink.svg

(Man, these smilies are fun! Face-grin.svg)

Aside from all that, I am proficient at wiki markup, but not very good at making my own. Much of the stuff I have here is based off of something else I have seen elsewhere.

I have the IRC nickname Orduin as well.

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This wonderful piece of insight into the need of reliable sources.

But, then again, I am in your wikipedia, editing your articles....
Who knows what I might be? (Certainly not myself)


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