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My topical interests have fluctuated over time, but generally centre on political and social theory with an economic inflection, and the history and politics of East Asia. Offline my work centres on the history of political thought of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Europe and East Asia. I also have an amateur interest in ancient and late antique history.

Current editing goalsEdit

  1. Cleanup and expansion of articles on Chinese political thought, especially major present-day Chinese political thinkers (see Template:Contemporary Chinese political thought)
  2. Expanding coverage of colonial HK

(Last update: 31 July 2019)


Much of my work is at Wikisource: s:User:Nizolan. I try to integrate my WP and WS work, for example by creating Wikipedia pages like relevant biographies to support works at Wikisource (or because my curiosity was piqued by a work there), or listing relevant further reading at WS I've worked on here. (An example of a work I transcribed at Wikisource: Europe in China—and the articles that resulted: Esing Bakery incident, William Tarrant, William Thomas Bridges)

Wikisource is a badly underutilized digital humanities resource given the power of the tools available there, and if you haven't already, you should take a look—and consider getting involved.

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These are very short articles I created or substantially rewrote. The list isn't an attempt to claim ownership or credit for their current state: other editors may have expanded them substantially after listing here—and if they haven't, they should!

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