The Fourth Political Theory

The Fourth Political Theory (Russian: Четвертая политическая теория, Chetvertaya Politicheskaya Teoriya) is a book by the Russian political scientist and theorist Aleksandr Dugin, published in 2009. In the book, Dugin states that he is laying the foundations for an entirely new political ideology, the fourth political theory, which integrates and supersedes liberal democracy, Marxism, and fascism.[1] In this theory, the main subject of politics is not individual, not class, and not nation, but Dasein.

The Fourth Political Theory
Cover of The Fourth Political Theory.png
Cover of the 2009 Russian edition
AuthorAleksandr Dugin
Original titleЧетвертая политическая теория
TranslatorMark Sleboda and Michael Millerman
SubjectPolitical theory
Published2009 (Amfora)
Published in English
2012 (Arktos Media)
Pages351 (Russian edn.)

The book has been cited as an inspiration for Russian policy in events such as the War in Donbass,[2] and for the contemporary European far-right in general.[3]

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