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My name is actually Anders Emil Lundin and I'm a male from Sweden. I was born on June 8, 1981 in Skövde, Skaraborg, Sweden, where I lived until 2000, when I moved to Karlstad to study at the university there. My education was supposed to make me a teacher of English and History, but I didn't manage to go through with the whole education. In June 2004, I left the university and was out of work for a few years, until I got a job in the neighbouring city of Kristinehamn in January 2007.

During my studies, I met a girl named Åsa (three years older than me). We became a couple on February 26 2003. A little more than a year later May 1 2004, we moved in together and have lived together ever since. On August 26 2006, we got engaged and about a year later, on September 8 2007, we got married. Since she also got a job (the same as me) in January 2007, at the same place, we were unanimous in the decision of moving to Kristinehamn, which we did in August 2007. On March 16 2009 however, we were layed off from our jobs, because the company was nearly broke and had to discharge almost every single worker of theirs. Thus, we are now (as of 30 March 2020) both unemployed.

My mom and dad are divorced since a few years, but they are now on speaking terms and get along quite fine, my dad living in Skövde and my mom living in Tidaholm. I also get along with them, as I also do with my three younger brothers, of whom the eldest has moved away from my parents, but also live in Tidaholm, the next one living in Stockholm and the third one still living with my mother.

Perhaps not many people would give away so much personal information about themselves, but I have no problem with that.

Me on WikipediaEdit

I first started editing on Wikipedia (the Swedish language version) in March 2004 and got myself an account there a few days later. However, it took until January 2005, before I really began working on Wikipedia. Doing regular edits on the Swedish Wiki, it was inevitable that I would also do some edits on the English language version. However, it took until the end of May 2006, before I got an account here. On the Swedish wiki, I was an administrator from August 2005 till January 2007 and have also been so since July 2008.

My interests combined with WikipediaEdit

My big interest and hobby is reading history. Being Swedish, I'm focused on Swedish history mostly and know a lot in that area. Then, my history knowledge gets weaker the further away from Sweden you get, geographically (I know more European history than I do the rest of the world). I also have a big interest in language, having studied English and French at school and having a big interest in old languages such as Latin or Ancient Greek, even though I don't know them. Thirdly, I'm very keen at sorting, arranging and making things more effective.

This being the case, I'm very fond of editing year articles, date articles and indeed anything that has to do with chronological history and make sure that the layout and form of similar articles or articles in a series stay consistent with each other.