"Lookingheart 2003 - Photo from The Peace Conspiracy Community Peace Festival at Bird Island Amphitheater.
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Lookingheart@welcomehere.org - Springfield Missouri, 65803

I am an community activist who is also a founding member of The Peace Conspiracy Tribe and enjoy camping, concerts, music festivals, gatherings and help focalize many community efforts in the central United States as well as other areas of the world. Additionally, I own a Sound company that supports many venues, musicians and community minded projects as well as help network efforts for the Rainbow Family of Living Light and other affinity grass roots efforts. I am egalitarian minded and hold political views that may run counter to status quo social norms keeping well within the confines of shared responsibility and equality for all people's without prejudice.

On Wikipedia I generally perform edits to subjects that I am familiar with and am available for mediation should my services be requested. If you have any questions please feel free to address them to my email account or shoot me a kite through the Wikipedia contact portal. Bright blessings to you and yours, shine!

Lookingheart 07:18, 2 August 2006 (UTC)Lookingheart

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(A) Gathering of the Tribes - Rainbow Family

Rainbow Gatherings have always celebrated freedom of choice, encourage diversity and have helped inform generations of people about living alternative lifestyles, eco-sensitivities, consensus process, various cultural ideologies and spiritual beliefs. Over the years these inclusive and freeform gatherings have spawned several and various same type gatherings to include what might be termed "Alternate Rainbow Gatherings". While many of these newer Rainbow Gatherings are still in their infancy, they do share much of the same Spirit, energy and sense of communal reverence.

Alternative Rainbow Gatherings may have had their start early on, subsequent gatherings beyond the original invitation in 1972 might well be viewed as alternatives manifested to recreate the love shared at the first gathering, certainly there where many people who wanted the gatherings to continue. While all Rainbow Gatherings share some traditions, it is only proper that different "tribes" celebrate these blessings in different manners. Not all Rainbow Gatherings have the same focus, nor do all gatherings enjoy the same focalizers.

It is in this celebration of diversity that in 2003 the "Gathering of the Tribes" was consented to on the land by individuals who wanted to preserve and continue certain aspects and traditions of the rainbow. In 2006 these alternative gatherings expanded to include multiple gatherings in several States and they continue to grow. A significant result is that each gathering has it's own flavor and focus for those who attend; the experience for each individual is always different, unique and very personal.

Gathering Historical DatesEdit

  • 2004: - Missouri, Mark Twain National
  • 2005: - Missouri, State Forest, Missouri
  • 2006: - Missouri, Georgia and West Virginia
  • 2007: - Missouri, Mark Twain National Forest
  • 2008: - Missouri, Mark Twain National Forest
  • 2009: - Missouri, Mark Twain National Forest

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