I'm a teacher in Liverpool, UK.

What I get up toEdit

I spend a lot of time tackling vandalism as a recent changes patroller.

Otherwise, I generally float around contributing to any and all articles, but especially those in:

Wikiproject: Education

Wikiproject: The Beatles

Wikiproject: Music

Wikiproject: Law

Creations/Ongoing ContributionsEdit

St. Francis Xavier's College (Liverpool) (created)
The Beatles
Mathew Street (created)
Brian Epstein (adopted article)
Paul is dead
Suggested clues for the rumour "Paul is dead"
Law Enforcement
Special Constabulary
Custody suite (created)
Force Medical Examiner (created)
Custody officer (created)
Custody sergeant (created)
Custody assistant (created)
Livescan (created)
IDENT1 (created)
Recordable offence (created)

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