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Lewis Penrose is currently an Undergraduate student studying biological science. In his 20s, he enjoys classical music and Vocaloid music in the leisure time.


About the name Lewis PenroseEdit

Lewis Penrose is a pseudonym used by me. If you are arrived here in search for any real person with this name, it is better to contact him/her for further information.

Personal InterestEdit


The major I am studying is one of my interest! I would like to study with efforts and rigorousness to help make that part of Wikipedia better.

For example, cytochrome P450 is one of my most interested topic. This gene contributes to many drug's and toxin's effects and side effects, including the notorious dioxin class chemical.

Human machine interfaceEdit

I am admired by the advanced technique for human to communicate with machine. Plover, which is an open-source stenotype software on a any keyboard from a chorded keyboard to a basic rollover keyboard.

However, stenotype, in my personal opinion, is just the most efficient way under the constraint that we have to output our mind through a physical means. What I am really intrigued into, is the brain computer interface, by which we can literally turn our mind directly into digital data.