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I am a Jesuit priest and member of Jesuit Central & Southern Province, which is a part of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the US. Born in St. Louis in 1936, I attended SLU High and entered the Society of Jesus in 1954, being ordained in 1967. I have enjoyed diverse assignments including spiritual studies in India, teaching at our college in Belize for eight years, at seminaries in Africa for nine years, and being pastor at an African-American parish in OKCity for four years. Since 2013 I have been doing volunteer work in prisons and since 2015 editing Wikipedia articles mainly on Catholic and Jesuit topics, and taking photos for Wikimedia Commons.

  • Favorite thinker: Paul of Tarsus
  • Life's philosophy: Work for the Lord; for the rewards of humans are small and short-lived, but the love of the Lord endures forever.


Help for Wikipedia Editing

HELP for WIKIPEDIA EDITING   Checking the “Edit source” box of other articles is easiest.

Here, ellipsis marks ( ... ) indicate where text is to be supplied.

HELP DESK      for answers to questions about editing      Wikipedia:Help desk



CITATIONS      use (visual) “Edit” option and choose      “ Cite      for proper referencing

REFERENCES     (at end)      ==References==      {{Reflist}}      (or)     {{Reflist|2}} (for 2 columns)

REPEATED REFERENCE     original: <ref name= ... > ... </ref>      later: <ref name= ... />      (use any name)

PAGE DESIGNATION      for repeated use of reference       {{rp|…}}

FOOTNOTES      <ref group=note> … </ref>      (at end) ==Notes== {{reflist|group=note}}

BLOCK QUOTATION      <blockquote> ... </blockquote>

ALERT TO OTHER EDITORS     (on talk pages)     {{ping|…}}     (or)     {{reply to|...}}

TRANSLATED PAGE TEMPLATE (on article’s talk page) {{translated page| es | SAFA}} (for Spanish article entitled “SAFA”)

COLUMNS {{col-begin}} {{col-break}} {{...}} {{col-break}} {{...}} {{col-end}}

OTHER ARTICLE NOTICE      use article name       {{Main| ... }}      (or)      {{See also| ... }}
     (at end) [ USCCB] (any name is admissable)

FOR INDENT AND LISTS (in visual edit add space to insert) Indent  : or  :: or  :::     Bulleted list *      Numbered list #

TO RENAME WIKI ARTICLE IN A LINK     [[ … | … ]] (with new name after the vertical bar)

TO LINK TO SUBSECTION     [[ … # … | … ]] (subsection after pound sign)

PICTURE TEMPLATE     [[File: … | thumb | right | upright (= 1.4) | … ]] ("upright" is normal size, adjustable by the = X ratio if needed) ... (omit “thumb” if caption is superfluous)

ARTICLE CREATION       Wikipedia:Article wizard/version1/Ready for submission

LOGO RATIONALE     needed in Wiki Commons when creating logo (for infobox only): add article name and source URL
== Summary == {{Non-free use rationale logo|Article= ... |Use = Infobox|Purpose=|Source= ... }} ==Licensing== {{Non-free logo|image has rationale=yes|auto=yes}}

FOR FURTHER HELP SEE       Help:Cheatsheet

TECHNICAL HELP     for limited use, when problems arise     Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)