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Dealing with controversyEdit

Try to satisfy the following requirements, in descending order of importance:

Do not say anything that is not true
This does not preclude initial simplifications and approximations clearly flagged as such and corrected later in an article.
Do not omit anything important
This may be a temptation to forestall controversy, editwars, etc; but "don't mention the war" is bad advice for an encyclopedia.
Distinguish between "Controversy about Foo" and "Foo"
Do not allow the former to overwhelm the latter. Depending on the particular case, the controversy may better be either confined to its own section/subarticle or else interspersed through the article .
Is there even a controversy?
There may be a difference of opinion with no engagement between advocates of each opinion. Or there may be polite debate. Or they may be vitriolic or violent conflict.
Avoid annoying partisans
Avoid hot-button words and phrases likely to annoy partisans of one side of the controversy: Avoiding using a term does not mean avoiding mentioning it.
Avoid annoying neutrals
Avoid long-winded circumlocutions, hedges, or terms of art; litanies of "on the one hand...on the other hand..."