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Talcott Mountain viewed from a field near the Pinchot Sycamore. In Connecticut beautiful scenery is routine.

Hello, I am Jonathan E. Hochman, a computer scientist by training, and an Internet marketing and technology consultant by profession. As of 2019, much of my time is occupied consulting for clients and law firms involved in litigation. Due my work, I avoid editing related topics. On Wikipedia people often call me Jehochman, or Jeh, but I don't mind if you use my real name. I help start these businesses:

About Jonathan E. Hochman

  • Yale University undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science.
  • Jehochman at: Commons | Meta | Wikinews | Wiktionary
  • Alternate account for testing or public terminals, or when I lock myself out: User:Jehochman2.
  • I'm a "he" but you can also use "they" if you don't remember. If I screw up your pronoun, feel free to correct it on the spot or let me know.


  • Any information, retained long enough, eventually leaks.
  • Autocorrect is a pubic menace.[1]

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