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Talcott Mountain viewed from a field near the Pinchot Sycamore. In Connecticut beautiful scenery is routine.

Hello, I am Jonathan Hochman, a computer scientist by training, and an Internet marketing and technology consultant by professional. As of 2019, much of my time is occupied consulting for clients and law firms involved in litigation. Due my participation in numerous lawsuits, I avoid editing related topics. On Wikipedia people often call me Jehochman, or Jeh, but I don't mind if you use my real name.

For happier editing

  1. Focus on making articles useful to the reader. Wikipedia is for them.
  2. Be open to other editors' ideas, especially experienced editors.
  3. Know that you won't prevail in many arguments. State your case clearly once and then let go.
  4. If you get multiple edit conflicts, walk away and come back later.
  5. Use diffs and links generously so that others can see what you're talking about, even years later.

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