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Current ProjectsEdit

I've used Wikipedia for over 10 years and think it is a useful educational adjunct for explaining concepts, linking research areas, and as a switchboard for references. But with inadequate editing, it is useless at all these things. Therefore, my aim while using the site is to make sure everything is properly reviewed, references are adequately supplied, and contentious or non-germane content is removed promptly. Thus, my current projects are:

  • Updating the content of pharmacology and biochemistry articles to current knowledge and improving the articles' written English (2019-04-06).
  • Standardising the format of pharmacology articles to that of the featured articles bupropion and amphetamine (2019-04-06).
  • Finding and tagging places where bibliographic references are lacking and helping search for such references where possible (2019-04-06).
  • Adding diagrams to pharmacology articles (2019-04-06).
  • Improving the ease of understanding of science and maths articles by tagging what I can't understand or what is poorly written (2019-04-06).

Past ProjectsEdit