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This is Invertzoo (Susan J. Hewitt)'s user page on the English language Wikipedia. My user name reflects a life-long interest in invertebrate zoology. I am a citizen scientist, a naturalist, specifically a serious amateur malacologist; I have 60 published scientific papers. Some people call me "The Snail Lady", or "The Shell Lady". Since 2014 I have been very active as both an observer and identifier on the global citizen science platform iNaturalist,

Here is a Wikipedia fund-raising video that featured me:

I am interested in all mollusks, and indeed in all of nature. I am happiest on some far-flung island in the tropics, with my field notebook and backpack of collecting equipment, sitting on a flat sandy beach on a rocky bay with a coral reef, on a calm day after stormy weather. I live in NYC. I am a Volunteer Emeritus at AMNH where I worked starting in 1999, first in Malacology and then in Invertebrate Paleontology.

Here on Wikipedia I have enjoyed research, writing, re-writing, improving prose, clarifying, organizing, and adding images to articles. I believe that Wikilove, aka Aloha, is a very important concept here.

I don't relish routine cleanup on thousands of stub articles, but I have done a great deal of that.

I was born in and lived the first half of my life in England, and after that in the USA, first on the West Coast and then on the East Coast. Every year since 1991 I have visited the Lesser Antilles, West Indies, where I am currently investigating the marine mollusk fauna of several of the Leeward Islands, especially  Saint Kitts and Nevis.

I started here in the summer of 2007. I have given over 100 images to Wikimedia Commons. My Meta account is here. I have made over 89,000 edits, all by hand (none by automated software). During March 2010 I was number 317 on the Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of recent edits, (and a much higher rank if you don't count the bots and the sysops.) By February 2013, I was number 401 by total number of edits: [1] And... yes, I am well aware that editcountitis is a serious disease! [2].

The first time that I had the pleasure and honor of meeting HRH Jimmy Wales, our handsome and somewhat mysterious founder, was at the first Wiki-Conference New York, 25th July 2009, where I gave a talk on the growth and development of Wikipedia:WikiProject Gastropods. I also conversed with Mr. Wales on Oct 6th and 7th, 2010. I saw Jimmy, but did not get the chance to talk to him, at the Wikipedia Spring Fundraising Party in NYC, on April 19 2017.

My user page is long, so you are welcome to ignore it, or only look at the sections you are interested in.

Best wishes to you all, Invertzoo (talk).

A lot of my work is as a member of the Gastropod Project. Note that we have no unassessed articles and none unrated for importance.

New articles[3]Project talk page Project page Popular pages Random gastropod article function Bouchet & Rocroi Update data, Orphaned articles, Recent changes

Started in January 2012, for a short time there was also an active Bivalve Project: New articles, Project page, Project talk page.


For a list of what events, appeals and media coverage I have contributed to, see User:Invertzoo/List of WP/WM events.

My relevant background


If you are curious about this, please see this page and this page too.

Recognized content

 This user has helped promote 9 good articles on Wikipedia.

They were: Byne's disease, Kerry slug, Lobatus gigas, Love dart, Socorro springsnail, Laevistrombus canarium, Theodoxus fluviatilis, Scotch bonnet (sea snail), and Amphidromus.

...although User:Daniel Cavallari did most of the work!

Did You Know?

Invertzoo has contributed 46 Did you knows? to the Main Page of the English Wikipedia, including the second most popular ever up to that point, which was Love dart, on October 9th 2008.

For a list of the DYKs I worked on, see User:Invertzoo/List of DYKs.

List of top DYK contributors is here. DYK statistics are here.

Barnstars and other awards


If you would like to see my awards, they are now on this page.

  The Original Barnstar
For your amazing work on gastropods and your lovely presentation at Wiki NYC 20009!Jimbo Wales (talk) 21:07, 25 July 2009 (UTC)

Real life identity


My real life identity is Susan J. Hewitt. Where I have spent my life so far, spelled out in flags...

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And so on...



/Barnstars and other awards, /List of DYKs, /My background, /Gallery, /Gastropods Project commercial ideas, /Subpage 4 Publications, /Subpage for drafting, /Another subpage for drafting, /Draft

Some contacts



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  • [21] Individual page count
  • [22] WP Graphic Lab

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