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Welcome to the page of... me. yea...

not exactly sure what to do...


Stuff about meEdit

Name: Sushi. (aka. Sandy aka Chu-Chu Train aka die S-Bahn)

Age: it changes every year...

Height: Shorter than you. that would be true about 98% of the time...

Interests: GOD. JESUS. ALIVE. Music. Hyperactiveness. Cookies. Books/Reading.

Expertise: Being Hyper. Being Sushi. Being ME. FILING!!! Getting paper cuts. DX Procrastinating...

Current Location: In front of the computer screen.


Color: Blue.

Food: Edible. Sushi. Chocolate. Ice cream. Cookies.

Hobby: Listening to music. Reading. Going online. FILING!!

Sport: Soccer. Tennis. PING PONG. Netball. Badminton. NOT Cricket. First XI team or otherwise..

Day: Friday.

Holiday: Chinese New Year. Christmas. EASTER.

Music Artist: Rebecca St James.

Band: Relient K.


  • 'Friends Are Friends Forever', Michael W Smith.
  • 'God', Rebecca St James.
  • 'We', Joy Williams.
  • 'Who I Am Hates Who I've Been', Relient K
  • 'You Are Loved', Rebecca St James.
  • 'Song Of Love', Rebecca St James.
  • 'Devastation And Reform', Relient K
  • 'I Can Trust You', Rebecca St James.
  • 'We Live', Superchic[k].
  • 'What if', Nichole Nordeman.
  • 'Testify To Love', Avalon.
  • 'Forgiven', Relient K.
  • 'Everything To Me', Avalon.
  • 'More', Matthew West.

and about 1000 others....

TV Show: . House. Bones. LOCI. L&O:SVU. NCIS. CSI. All "crime shows." All cartoons.

Movies: Atonement; Narnia (not so much PC though unfortunately... the C/S thing was REALLY irritating... cute, but IRRITATING!!); POTC; LOTR; P&P. 10 Things I Hate About You. probably aabout a million others...

What I end up doing most: PROCRASTINATING.


skip if you aren't interestedEdit

...not that there's a whole lot after this...

=D I have an obsession with these likkle boxes...


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fan-3 This user wholeheartedly believes that Alias is the greatest television program in the history of the world and parts beyond.
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not anymore really...

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