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I didEdit

Barnstar, awarded by Anonymous editor to Gren for countless hours of work on Islam-related articles
This list is incomplete — I create stubs; User:Grenavitar/Watchlist:Braglist

To be expanded: Ibn Hazm, Chand Raat, Perdurantism, Hitomi Yaida, Leyli and Majnun

I wantEdit

Places That I've Been
Aruba (2003) Austria (2007) Belgium (2007) Canada (2007) Czech Republic (2008) France (1998)
Germany (1998) Ireland (2007) Japan (2012) Mexico (~1992) Liechtenstein (2007) Luxembourg (2007)
Luxembourg (2007) Switzerland (2007) United Kingdom (2005) United States (1986)
U.S. States and Territories
Arizona Connecticut Delaware Georgia Florida Maryland
New Jersey New York North Carolina Pennsylvania South Carolina Virginia
District of Columbia Wisconsin California Rhode Island Massachusetts
(edit) Even when struck through, expansion is always nice. (done)

I should readEdit

I should projectsEdit

User:Grenavitar/Film, User:Rydia/Movies

My imagesEdit

See Commons:User:Grenavitar, Commons:Category:Images by gren