asThis user knows ActionScript.
AThis user can program in Alice.
x86This user programmed in x86 assembly.
MIPSThis user programmed in MIPS assembly.
bashThis user can program in Bash.
BASICThis user can program in BASIC.
CThis user can program in C.
C++This user can program in C++.
C#This user can program in C#
cssThis user can write Cascading Style Sheets.
GMThis user has made games with GameMaker.
XNAThis user has made games with XNA.
hsThis user programmed in Haskell.
<html>This user can write HTML.
LOGOThis user programmed in LOGO.
jsThis user can program in JavaScript.
JavaThis user can program in Java.
mysqlThis user writes programs that access MySQL.
proThis user programmed in Prolog.
plThis user programmed in Perl.
Python-logo-notext.svgThis user can program in Python.
phpThis user can code PHP.
rktThis user programmed in Racket.
rbThis user can program in Ruby.
UEThis user has made video games with Unity.
vb.netThis user is a Visual Basic .NET programmer.
VHDLThis user programmed in VHDL.
xhtmlThis user can write XHTML.
xmlThis user can write XML.
AThis user programmed mobile apps for Android.
W3CThis user believes in compliance with W3C standards.
OSrcThis user contributes to Open Source projects.
Free software logosThis user uses free software wherever and whenever possible.
MITThis user prefers the MIT License over the GPL License.
EThis user prefers Emacs over Vi.
GNU-Nano-Logo.pngThis user contributes using
GNU nano.
GThis user contributes using Geany.
CRTThis user enjoys fixing and building computers.
XFCEThis user contributes using XFCE.
dwmThis user uses dwm.
AThis user used Arch Linux.
gjThis user has participated in game jams.
hThis user has participated a hackathon.
Application-x-blender.svgThis user contributes using Blender.
The GIMP icon - gnome.svgThis user contributes using GIMP.
Inkscape Logo.svgThis user contributes using Inkscape.
F icon reversed.svg
Twitter icon.svgThis user uses Twitter.
This contributor to Wikipedia is male.
30+This user is a tricenarian.
Flag of California.svgThis user lives in
SDThis user lives in or hails from
San Diego.
This user contributes at
1920 x 1080 resolution.
dnbThis user likes Drum & Bass.
LFThis user likes liquid funk.
Chennai, Beach.jpgThis user enjoys tropical house.
DHThis user enjoys deep house.
SPThis user enjoys synth-pop.
IRThis user enjoys indie rock.
TThis user enjoys trance music.
EHThis user enjoys electro house.
BRHThis user enjoys big room house.
GRThis user enjoys gangsta rap.
DRThis user enjoys dirty rap.
SThis user used to game on Steam.
WoWThis user used to play World of Warcraft.
Racquetball ball.svgThis user plays racquetball.
iOSThis user owns an iOS device.