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The motto of the AIW is conservata veritate, which translates to "with the preserved truth".
This motto reflects the inclusionist desire to change Wikipedia only when no knowledge would be lost as a result.

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Randolph "Randy" Perkins Meeks (born September 23, 1981) is an American wikipedian.


Geeky Randy, the oldest of two children (Martha Meeks, younger sister), was born in Woodsboro, a small town in California. He graduated from Woodsboro High and majored in film at Windsor College in Atlanta, Georgia. When Geeky Randy is not editing Wikipedia, he is a Correspondence Analyst by day and an author by night.

After a dramatic objection to Google News Archives being taken down, Geeky Randy semi-retired on October 28, 2011. However, on August 13, 2016, after nearly five years of pouting, he returned to Wikipedia as an occasional editor.

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  The Original Barnstar
For sterling work in bringing info on Band of Horses to a wider audience. Iangurteen (talk) 16:46, 13 September 2010 (UTC)

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On October 28, 2011, Geeky Randy semi-retired. After discovering the death of his main source Google News Archives, he resigned regular contribution to Wikipedia after already being somewhat inactive for several months. Given the potential of other convenient sources for news databases in the future, his return had always been likely, which is why he never fully committed to retirement; and, on August 13, 2016, after almost five years in semi-retirement, Geeky Randy returned as an occasional editor.