For some reason, people seem to hate the truth. They find comfort in ignorance, but get lost in it, swallowed up by the void, until they're just hollow shells with just barely a flicker of free thought left. It is a virus, swift and deadly, spreading rapidly, threatening our world as it has time and time again over the centuries. As the fire of knowledge burns higher, the void creeps closer. Those caught between fire and darkness must choose, but darkness lures people in, and no fire can hope to match the witty guile of the void. And so fantasy wins yet again, the narrative changes, the story is rewritten, and the people enjoy it, because it is comforting, it is logical, it feels right. And they believe in it, so deeply that they hold it to be the truth, and hold on to it in the face of overwhelming evidence. They are proud of their ignorance. They ignore the truth because it disturbs them, ignore the man behind the curtain because he sent them off to a different one, attack the opposition, and stuff anything too scary to consider safely down a memory hole. Their tactics are endless, their numbers are countless, and their resources are legendary. It is your job to fight this horde. Your job to strike them down.

Welcome to Wikipedia.


My contributions are spread across a very broad variety of topic areas, but I tend to primarily focus on editing certain topic areas that I have particularly strong interests in, such as psychiatry, pharmacy, pharmacology/psychopharmacology, genetics/genomics, pharmacogenetics/pharmacogenomics, biotechnology/genetic engineering, various other topics in medicine, pseudoscience, energy, electricity generation, nuclear power, pumped storage hydropower, and a number of technology/computing/telecommunications topics.

I was one of the top 300 medical editors across any language of Wikipedia in 2015 (#281 with 271 edits), and one of the top 200 medical editors across any language of Wikipedia in 2016 (#174 with 350 edits). I am less involved in medical topic areas at the moment due to the mid-2016 loss of the extensive institutional literature access I formerly had, which has made it quite difficult to continue contributing in those topic areas (although I have remained somewhat active, it is to a far lesser extent than I was active before). I will likely try to get some access to portions of the literature via The Wikipedia Library (TWL) at some point in late 2017 or possibly 2018 depending on how my schedule works out.

Some articles that I have made particularly extensive and/or major contributions to: