Extra Gottingam non est vita si est vita non est ita
Extra Gottingam non est vita si est vita non est ita
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Welcome to my user page!
I have been studying English and History and will continue to do so because it is jolly good fun ;-)

Things I did a bit more on and where I would like to keep track:
Electrical telegraph some from a book on Gauss, Jacobitism- the Atterbury bit, Patronage Act, 18th century Broad Bottom Government, a Nazismversion, all of Palatine, Evelina, Modern Times vs. Modernity vs. Modern history not to be confused with Postmodernism or Postmodernity.
I created wife/husband, wreath money, Theatre of Ancient Greece and am very proud of how often I see my image File:GriechTheater2.PNG quoted, and I spent some more time editing on T-Shirt, satire, adultery/virginity, The Liars (play), and sentimental novel.
For fun a little bit:
A bit on Ancient (Stargate) and Stargate in general, episodes and so, and trying scripts and signs.

Tasks at the moment: Rewrite Satire with featured article de:satire, rewrite husband (again) according to my article wife, and improve all three (unending task...).

Images uploaded:
Image:Apex (hat).gif, (three, says Kate, because the rest is on commons! That is, Church-scotland-standard.PNG, Ancient Greek theatre, GriechTheater2.PNG (which I made for a seminar), Evelina vol II 1779.jpg, Josephandrews.jpg, and Mollflanders.jpg)

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For rescuing an infant article from oblivion after it had been buried by another Wikipedian's ill-advised redirect: Thank you, Flammingo!

Athaenara (talk) 23:08, 14 November 2006 (UTC)

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  The Original Barnstar
For your diligence in the face of adversity- Thank you for looking out! OfForByThePeople 05:41, 7 March 2007 (UTC)