Filipeanut (12 August 1982 – Present) is a Filipino American who occasionally updates a blog in his name and considers himself to be the worst Filipino rapper in the history of the human race and Earth. He produces songs once every few months and posts them online. He began making music soon after the stroke of his mother, whom he cared for from August of 2005 to February of 2007, in which he made 25 pretty good songs. Mahal na Mahal Kita Filipeanut.


Filipeanut was born in a banca at 5:13 PM in San Francisco, California in 1982[citation needed]. Filipeanut currently resides under your house.


Filipeanut's father left for the United States from the Philippines in 1925[citation needed], only to return to the Philippines in 1980 to meet and eventually marry Filipeanut's mother[citation needed].

Filipeanut would then join his parents in subsequent trips to the Philippines, once at the age of 4 and again at the age of 6, thus beginning Filipeanut's connection to his family in the Philippines.

Filipeanut has no siblings, but believes that family can extend further than that of blood relatives, as he has learned growing up as an only child to a single mother.


Year Accomplishments Comments
1982 Birth Word is born son.
1996 First kiss He kisses his hand.
1996 Falls in love Filipeanut meets a dime piece.
1997 Avoids being killed 1997 was a rough year for Filipeanut. He was chased by a dog, fell off a bicycle, and was almost assaulted by gang members.
1999 Stops smoking weed However only temporarily.
2000 Who? I don't know.
2003 Meets his father's family for the first time Now he knows why he's dark as hell.
2004 Backpacks Europe Bike gets stolen.
2004 Goes to a rave in Kansas City, Missouri YOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
2005 Cares for mother after her stroke Filipeanut gets to know his mother a lot more. He also gains hella weight son.
2007 Mother returns to the Philippines Filipeanut returns to his normal life. Sporadically blogging, eating, and sexy time.


Filipeanut aspires to become the first president of the Earth.

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