Hi! I am everysubjectman! and I am here to make a user page about me for you to learn who I am! So, here it is!

Personal InformationEdit

I live in Maryland

I love Chip's challenge and other computer games

I love pinball, pac-man, and other arcade games

I am actually whirlwindlover, but frogot my password and couldn't have it E-Mailed to me so, I created a new acount!

Articles I Have Helped To WriteEdit

Here is a list of articles I have helped to write:

Whirlwind (atmospheric phenomenon) (Note: I helped to write this when I was Whirlwindlover)

International Harvester Loadstar

International Harvester S-Series

keep looking, because I plan to help write more!


This is not an encylepidia page!

This page is not trying to avertise myself!

This is not my talk page! please(!) Go to User_talk:everysubjectman to leave a mesage! Thank you!