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This page shows all of the figures that I have at various times contributed to Wikipedia. Like most materials on Wikipedia, they are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Many of these are also part of the Global Warming Art project and aditionally available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. If you would like to use one of these figures in a context outside of Wikipedia which is incompatible these terms, then I can be reached at to discuss licensing terms.

Contributed FiguresEdit

Temperature ReconstructionsEdit

Last 25 years of temperature change
Comparision of the surface and satellite temperature records of the last 25 years.
Last 1000 years of temperature
Last 2000 years of temperature
Temperature changes during the Holocene (last 12 kyr). Note that the time axis is reversed relative to previous plots
Changes in temperature during the most recent glacials and interglacials
Five million years of climate change
65 million years of climate change. Includes the nucleation of the Antarctic ice sheet which started the present ice age
500 million years of climate change

Carbon DioxideEdit

The Keeling curve of direct measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations since 1958.
Changes in carbon dioxide concentrations, both during the recent glacial/interglacial cycles and during the last 1000 years. Since the Industrial Revolution, carbon dioxide levels have dramatically risen to levels not seen during the last 400 thousand years. This change is implicated as a likely cause of global warming.
Recent total global emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning, logarithmic scale.
Recent global emissions of carbon dioxide broken down by various type of fuel, linear scale.
Carbon emissions broken down by various regions around the globe.
Recent history of changes in carbon dioxide concentration and the flux of carbon into the atmosphere necessary to create it.
Changes on carbon dioxide concentrations during the last 550 million years. The present day is at the left hand side of the figure.

Biodiversity and ExtinctionsEdit

Shows the changes in apparent marine fossil biodiversity during the last 540 million years. The major visible mass extinction events are indicated. Some scientists view the major rise towards the present as the result of better sampling and preservation of recent geologic sections rather than actually being a dramatic increase in biodiversity.
The extinction intensity, i.e. the fraction of genera going extinct in each bin as a function of time. The major events are labeled in accordance with geologic conventions.

Sea Level ChangeEdit

Recent sea level rise as indicated by a combination 23 longterm tide gauge records in geologically stable environments
History of sea level changes during the present interglacial episode
Sea level rise since the last glacial maximum
Comparison of two reconstructions of Phanerozoic sea level changes

Global MapsEdit

Shows the distribution of temperature increases associated with global warming. The anomalies are average temperatures from 1995 to 2004 and are computed is respect to averages over the 1940 to 1980 interval.
Shows the predicted warming over the 21st century due to business as usual greenhouse gas emissions as reported by the HadCM3 climate model.
Map of changes in mountain glacier thickness since 1970. Sites with thinning shown in orange and red. Sites of thickening shown in blue. Larger circles indicate larger changes.
Map of ice sheets, coastlines, and sea surface temperatures during the last glacial maximum.
Map of temperature station locations and record lengths in the Global Historical Climatology Network.

Greenhouse gases / greenhouse effectEdit

Greenhouse gas emissions in the year 2000 broken down in to 8 different sectors of activity.
Schematic representation of the energy exchanges between the Earth's surface, the Earth's atmosphere, and outer space. The ability of the atmosphere to trap and recycle thermal emissions from the Earth's surface is a defining characteristic of the greenhouse effect.
Absorption band structure of the Earth's atmosphere and the result effect on both solar radiation and upgoing thermal radiation.

Climate PredictionsEdit

Shows the different predictions of climate change obtained from 8 different climate models under the SRES A2 emissions scenario.

Orbital VariationsEdit

Shows changes in the Earth's orbit, resulting changes in northern latitude summer insolation, and the relationship to ice ages

Milky Way StructureEdit

Observed structure of the Milky Way galaxy

Solar ActivityEdit

Shows changes associated with the ~11-year solar cycle during the last 30 years across a number of different metrics.
Shows the observations of sunspot numbers since 1610, plus labels at low and high periods.
Plot shows proxies of solar activity variation, including changes in the number of observed sunspots and the production of the cosmogenic isotope beryllium-10

Miscellaneous OtherEdit

Changes in temperature, carbon dioxide and dust concentrations from the Vostok ice core.
Shows a global climate model reconstruction of temperature changes in the 20th century due to 5 prescribed forcing factors and relative implact on climate from each.
Variations in average glacier thickness during the last 50 years.

Contributed Photographic ImagesEdit

Image showing the collapse of the Larsen B Ice Shelf and a comparison of this to the US state of Rhode Island.