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I'm guy from late eighties, who enjoys learning and exploring, and I often relax by solving puzzles, playing videogames, boardgames and code golfing. I like to do things right, all the time. I like to find and analyze systems, to understand what makes something tick. I like to organize elements in specific structures, I like order.

My passion for computer games has governed my choices in entertainment for about two decades already, and I would like one day, to build games in dedicated way. Some computer game projects are my main experience with wikipedia engine (not to mention that I have been using wiki engine for software development by writing documentations) and I think this is great way to describe stuff, that people care about.

My interests, part of which I have tried to gather here, cover wide range of fields and sciences, starting from construction, woodworking and weaving, ending with psychology, programming, artificial intelligence and engineering. People around me tend to say, that I'm intelligent and that I have answers to any questions, still, I tend to suffer from Impostor syndrome, and I'm unable to judge, what of that I know is beginner stuff or expert stuff.

I do not like being called programmer or web developer, because I think, that is just a thing, that I'm good at. I have studied and I like being called system analyst or Software architect.

In other people I respect honor and kindness, intelligence and perseverance, propensity to acquire new knowledge and good skill in listening. I like to go into hot discussions and I like when people are open to modeling situations with different starting rules, that may be totally different from current beliefs. I like to talk to people, get acquainted with their knowledge, beliefs and taboos. In late years I have been experimenting with myself and other people different psychology effects, syndromes and reflexes and I like to be able to guess what people will do, how they will react, I like to troll while afk and sometimes in internet too (it is hard to see and explore human reactions through text interface), just to see their reaction. That could be the reason, why I have so few friends :D



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