List of geneticistsEdit

You asked: "Where are you getting them from? categories? .... it may serve as a example for the other such lists."

  • Thank you for contacting me. I will try to relate my method (or methods) for developing the list of geneticists that I am in the process of assembling:
  • First, I am checking all the names on the automatic category listing of geneticists for suitabilty of inclusion in the list of geneticists.
  • Second, I am going through the online archives of genetics journals in search of obituaries of prominent geneticists. (An example is the American Journal of Human Genetics.)
  • Third, I am looking for geneticists of renown in the Biographical Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences. (This is an extraordinarily useful source of online biographical material for scientists of all kinds from around the world.)
  • Fourth, I network from one geneticist to the next. Networking is of critical importance. (To take an oversimplified example, I go from James Watson to Francis Crick and then to Maurice Wilkins who shared the Nobel Prize with them.)
  • Fifth, I google for missing information such as birth and death dates, nationality, achievements, etc. and try to fit all the information about one person on one line, if feasible.
  • I do have some personal acquaintance with the world of genetics (see my user page), and that helps, too.

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