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Translation Task Force


The Medical Translation Project aims to bring high quality, easy to understand medical and health information into as many languages as we can. Together WikiProject Medicine, Wiki Project Med Foundation, and Translators Without Borders have translated over 600 articles into nearly 100 languages! Wiki Project Med Foundation and Translators Without Borders are both parts of the global initiative: Healthcare Information For All by 2015!

We believe that language shouldn't be a barrier when it comes to access to quality health-related information!

We aim to translate content where it is needed the most−and are currently working on (but not limited to) articles on:
  • Disease
  • Medication/Drugs
  • Anatomy
  • Nutrition
  • Sanitation
  • Home economics
  • Women's health

Translation workforceEdit

What we areEdit

The translation of Wikipedia articles on globally significant health care problems has the potential to improve people's lives worldwide. Thank you for joining us.

Project descriptionEdit

  • There is a serious need for good medical (and more specifically health care) information in most languages. There is a wealth of information everywhere, but language is a barrier that in many cases prevents people in need from making good use of it.
  • In particular the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., the American non-profit charitable organization operates several online collaborative wiki projects including Wikipedia. Volunteers have created, primarily in English, many high quality medical articles considered critical in terms of relevance to global health.
  • As part of this project, a simplified version of the articles has been created. For some languages with limited volunteer translated and little content, translating a large number of short articles will be of higher impact than translating a small number of in depth articles.
  • It is believed that this project will have a significant impact on the availability of good health care information worldwide and that this, in turn, is likely to save many lives and to improve the quality of life of many people globally.

Previous efforts at translationEdit

A previous collaboration with Google in 2010 translated a number of medical articles into Swahili, Spanish, and Arabic.Google Project and Googles Blog Our goal is to build upon this.


In 2013 1.92M words were translated, which is equivalent to a donation of $384,440 from TWB.[needs update]

Get involvedEdit

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If you are interested in this project please add yourself to the list of people involved along with your languages abilities.

Know a different language, or just want to help out?
Here is what you can do!

Project rolesEdit

For more information go to How to get involved!

Work within the project

  • Community organizing
  • Assessing content
  • Integration
  • Localization
  • Programming
  • Translating
We currently have 33 articles ready to be translated in both full and simplified versions. And we have an addition 45 simplified articles.
If you are interested in translating an article please email Enrique Cavalitto enrique at proz dot com.
Work outside the project

  • Writing
Many English articles are still in need of improvement and there is lots of work available for non medical editors including improving sections on the history of the disease or its social and cultural significance (this can be done based on books found via Google books).
If you are interested in improving articles prior to translation please contact Doc James or simply create a Wikipedia account and start editing - Remember to read WP:MEDHOW!

Why help?Edit

Translation task force assessment statistics


Wikipedia is the most used health care resource on the Internet−both by unique visitors and by pageviews. For all those interested in global health this is an opportunity to help bring high quality healthcare information to the world.

In the beginning the effort is primarily concentrating on 80 top importance medical articles of global significance. Currently they are put together as a Wikipedia Book in English at Book:Health care and in simple English [[:se:Book:Health_care[here]]. In the month of February 2012 these pages in English received a total of 10.6 million page views.[1] A more in depth breakdown can be found at popular pages of the translation taskforce

As of July 2014, the more than 500 full articles translated via this project received nearly one million pages views as per here.

A comparison of unique visitors for Wikipedia's medical content versus that of other popular health sites. Aug 2012
A comparison of pageviews for Wikipedia's medical content versus that of other healthcare sites. Aug 2012

Press mentionsEdit

Article in The Guardian (April 11, 2012)Edit

Translators fight the fatal effects of the language gap

Volunteers translating health messages from English into local languages are providing a vital service for NGOs and freeing up millions of extra dollars to be used for medical aid

....TWB is working on an even more ambitious project with Wikipedia. The aim is to take Wikipedia entries on the most important health topics, turn them into simple English and then translate them into as many languages as possible. The articles will then be accessible for free on mobile phones through new agreements between Wikimedia, which runs Wikipedia, and telecoms operators. A number of Wikipedia articles covering dengue fever, Aids, malaria, cholera and tuberculosis are awaiting translation from TWB's army of volunteers."

The Guardian (April 11, 2012)

Requests for supportEdit

Project summary for TWBEdit

  • In order to post the articles for translation in the translation center, a project must be created, including a name, a summary and a description.
  • The project summary (up to 200 chars) will be included in the notification sent to the volunteers so this is one of your strongest tools to get their attention and potential commitment.
  • The project description should explain in a few paragraphs what is the reason behind the translation project, why the translation will make a difference by helping mitigate damages or risks, by improving education, etc. The project description should also provide information useful for the translators, such as variance of the target language to be used, register, cultural level of the people who will use the translation, etc.
  • This is a draft of the project name, summary and description. Feedback and editing will be welcome:

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