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DescriptionRestore a previous version of a page
Restorer adds links beside every revision in page history to restore that revision.
First releasedApril 21, 2019
SourceRestorer.js (git)
GitHub repositorywikipedia-user-scripts on GitHub

Restorer adds links beside every revision in page history to restore that revision.


  • Add the following to your common.js or your skin.js (this method is deprecated and may be removed):
importScript('User:BrandonXLF/Restorer.js'); // [[User:BrandonXLF/Restorer.js]]
  • Alternatively, use the following instead of the above:
mw.loader.load('/w/index.php?title=User:BrandonXLF/Restorer.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript'); // [[User:BrandonXLF/Restorer.js]]
  • To install on other wikis (for instance, globally in your global.js on the Meta-Wiki), use the following code:
  • After installing reload the page and clear your cache


Optionally, add any of the code snippets below to the JS file you installed the script in (eg. your common.js file) to change the settings for this script. For best compatibility, put them above the code that is used to load the script.

  • window.restorerSummary = 'Restored revision $ID by [[Special:Contributions/$USER|$USER]] ([[User:BrandonXLF/Restorer|Restorer]])'; – The summary to use when saving the page, $ID is replaced with the revision ID and $USER is replaced with the user making the edit.


If you do not want to install the script on mobile (or only want to install it on your current skin), you can install the script at your skin.js (for example, vector.js if you're using the Vector/default skin), instead of installing it at your common.js.


Comments are welcome on my talk page, be sure to indicate that you're talking about this script in the title. I would really like any suggestion to make the script run better.