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Wikipedia:WikiProject Volcanoes/Volcanism of Canada task force

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17 articles
Good article nominee Major Volcanoes of Canada Featured article candidate
Start-Class article Bennett Lake Volcanic Complex
Start-Class article Blake River Megacaldera Complex
Bowie Seamount
B-Class article Mount Cayley
Mount Edziza volcanic complex
Mount Garibaldi
B-Class article Hoodoo Mountain
Start-Class article Ilgachuz Range
Itcha Range
Level Mountain
C-Class article Mount Meager
C-Class article Mount Pleasant Caldera
Start-Class article Rainbow Range
Silverthrone Caldera
Stub-Class article Springdale Caldera
Start-Class article Sturgeon Lake Caldera

Say What?Edit

A topographic map of Canada, showing elevations shaded from green to brown (higher), with elevation-legend overlaid at lower left. Nearby countries are shaded darker (compare elevation shades at Canadian borders).

This is a task force for volcanoes of Canada and related subjects. The most important volcanoes of Canada are illustrated above. Depending on how much support we get, the goal is either a Featured or a Good topic. Involved parties would be WP:CANADA and WP:VOLCANO. The topic covers all of the volcanoes in Canada, provincial parks noted for protecting volcanoes and volcanic landscapes, people and places notable for their association with a Canadian volcano, as well as the core article, Volcanism of Canada. All interested persons can simply scribble their name under "Interested." I hope that I we can work togethor to get what I think is a very important topic where it should be! Also see the Volcanism of Hawaii Workgroup.


Volcanoguy (talk) 21:20, 29 March 2009 (UTC) - Proposer of the Volcanism of Canada Workgroup and a major contributor of Canadian volcanism. Have been creating and expanding Canadian volcanology articles since 2006.

ResMar 21:33, 29 March 2009 (UTC) Long-term; if I have time on my hand, I'll help. ResMar 21:33, 29 March 2009 (UTC)


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The root category for this task force is Category:Volcanism of Canada. The major category, Category:Volcanoes of Canada, should be reserved for articles about volcanoes, while specific volcanic belts / fields / regions / zones should be listed in the appropiate subcategories.

If a volcano article is associated with this task force, please ensure that it has the correct region-specific volcano category. Also consider adding a link to the volcano list.