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Welcome to WikiProject Volcanoes on the English Wikipedia! We are a group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to volcanoes, volcanologists, and volcanics.

For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.


This WikiProject aims to enhance information on volcanoes, volcanology, igneous petrology, and related articles. Notice:All users interested in joining the Volcanoes Wiki should go there.

A comprehensive history of the project, from inception to present, can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Volcanoes/History.

Please feel free to join the project and expand its scope in any necessary directions. See the section "Assessment" for an estimate of the current number of Wikipedia articles within the project's scope.

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The full list of members of this project can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Volcanoes/Members. If you wish to join the WikiProject, feel free to go there and follow the instructions to add your name to the list.

If you see a user who has made significant contributions to volcanic articles, but is not a member, you can invite them into the project using the template {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject Volcanoes/Members/Enlist}}. This is a template specially designed to garner new members! New members can be greeted using {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject Volcanoes/Members/Welcome}}.

The project has its own Barnstar as well, for awarding hardworking contributors to the project. You can award someone (preferably not yourself, though) the barnstar using {{subst:Template:Volcanoes Barnstar}}

And, of course, we have our own userbox—see {{User WikiProject Volcanoes}}


This WikiProject runs a Project collaboration, similar to those of other WikiProjects. Basically, articles that are important but greatly underdeveloped are brought to attention through the collaboration program. That way, they can be further developed by the community!

Editors are encouraged to improve the articles listed here as much as possible. To nominate an article for collaboration, go to Wikipedia:WikiProject Volcanoes/Collaboration. The requirements are that the volcano has to be highly notable but with much room for improvement. Barnstar goes to whoever can work the current collab to GA or Featured status!

The current Project collaboration is Mount Shasta.

Open tasks
  • Add the {{WikiProject Volcanoes}} message box to talk pages of articles within the scope of this project, including appropriate assessments, if needed.
  • Add appropriate volcano type categories to articles, and verify the accuracy of any existing categories. See the section "Categorization" below.
  • Add {{infobox mountain}} to articles if needed and missing, and add volcano-related fields to existing infoboxes if these are missing.
  • Expand volcano articles which are stubs, especially by adding photos and (most importantly) proper references.
  • Help improve articles related to Hawaiian and Canadian volcanism by joining the Hawaiian and Canadian workgroups.
  • Improve some of the project's most visible articles.

Feel free to add on to this "to-do" list.


The root category for this WikiProject is Category:Volcanology. The major category, Category:Volcanoes, should be reserved for articles about types of volcanoes and volcanic features, while specific individual volcanoes and volcanic belts / fields / regions / zones should be listed in the appropriate subcategories.

If an article about a volcano is added to the project, please ensure that it has the correct country-specific, region-specific, or ocean-specific volcano category, e.g. Category:Volcanoes of the United States, Category:Volcanoes of Mars, Category:Volcanoes of the Atlantic Ocean. Also consider adding a link to the article in the appropriate list article, such as List of volcanoes in New Zealand, List of extraterrestrial volcanoes, etc. (see Category:Lists of volcanoes for current choices). Also, please ensure that it has the correct volcanic type categories (one or more, in some cases).

This project's categorization efforts are based at Wikipedia:WikiProject Volcanoes/Categorization, which comprehensively covers all special cases and the like under our scope. Be sure to read it as it helps greatly in understanding volcanic categorization. The

Category trees

These are dynamically-generated category trees (they require JavaScript to be enabled), press the [+] to expand them. See mw:Extension:CategoryTree for more info.


In order to easily identify articles in need of attention, article assessments have been implemented. These are generated using the class and importance parameters in the project banner template on an article's talk page:

{{WikiProject Volcanoes|class= |importance= }}

The statistics at right are updated daily (or every other day) by an automated bot. See the subpage Wikipedia:WikiProject Volcanoes/Assessment for details.

Articles in need of expansion

The most critical articles to attend to are those marked with "Top" importance, but only "Start" or "Stub" class. The most important such article is Volcanology, which is one of the two flagship articles of this WikiProject (along with Volcano) and is sorely in need of comprehensive expansion.

In the "High" importance category, over 20% of the articles are only "Stub" class and another 60% are "Start" class, so these also require attention and expansion.

In general, "B" class articles which are "Mid" importance or higher should be polished up and nominated as good articles.

The easiest way to find articles which fall within a particular intersection of quality and importance categories is to use the assessments worklist, which is transcluded from Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/WikiProject Volcanoes articles by quality.

Project watchlist

Using the bot-generated assessment logs, it is possible to generate a watchlist which includes all articles within the project's scope. All of the logs have been combined into a single large file with all dates unlinked, so that the following link provides a single unified watchlist which should include all talk pages which have {{WikiProject Volcanoes}} tags, along with their corresponding articles:

It is also quite simple to generate a watchlist which includes only the talk pages:

Featured content

As of January 16 2019, there are 37 Featured articles, 3 Featured lists, 0 A-class article, and 118 Good articles under this project's scope, in addition to 43 Featured pictures and our one and only Featured portal, Portal:Volcanoes. An up-to-date list is available at Wikipedia:WikiProject Volcanoes/Content.

Article Alerts

Article alerts is a projectlist, maintained by a bot, that shows the most recent promotions, nominations, deletions, etc. related to their respective projects. It's a useful tool for keeping track of what's going on within the project. Did you know

Categories for discussion

Good article nominees

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There are many places from which to draw information on volcanoes and volcanology. Some of the best are listed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Volcanoes/Bibliography. A good place to start is always the USGS site and the Global Volcanism Program index.


Wikimedia Commons has many images of volcanoes and volcanic phenomena, along with igneous rocks. Many of these photos would make useful additions to many of our articles here which may be lacking adequate illustrations.

Please see the Commons categories at right, or try searching on Commons since many images available there are not properly categorized yet.

A list of useful image sources, most prominently the USGS image database, can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Volcanoes/Images—take a look!

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