Davao City-born Bernejay is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program in the University of the Philippines Mindanao. He works as an IT administrator and trainer of a non-profit organization based in Cebu City.

He is currently taking his Master's degree in Computer Education, previously taking a Master's degree in Information Technology.

He used to be a teacher in a tourism and hospitality institution in Davao City. Prior to this, he used to work as a Virtual Assistant of a small BPO company in Davao City. He then became a Technical Assistant of a shopping mall in the said city.

He was formerly a Website Administrator at Himati, the official student publication of UP Mindanao.

This user spearheaded the expansion of the University of the Philippines Mindanao page in 2007. He edits pages of his interest such as the Philippines national football team, also known as the "Azkals," the United Football League, Vallacar Transit Incorporated (a local bus conglomerate), TV programs, and many others.