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Who is Autacoid?Edit

I am a licensed pharmacist (albeit non-practicing) and medical student from the Philippines. Though I've used Wikipedia considerably less as a source of information for my academic endeavours, I want to contribute in making Wikipedia a reliable source of information.

My interests primarily lie in medicine and its specialisations. I only edit articles sporadically (and usually only make small revisions,) but I try to diversify the topics I contribute to. I use my edits in non-medical articles as exercises in proofreading, which is something I also do outside Wikipedia.

Once I am able to improve my proficiency in Tagalog, I hope to add/contribute medical articles to the Tagalog Wikipedia, in an attempt to address the dearth of science-related articles in that particular project.

Things that would be nice to doEdit

  • Babel templates for Filipino languages (use ISO codes.)
  • Edit articles on anaesthesiology, pharmacology, and other medical specialities / subjects.
  • Brush up on Wiki formatting.

More concrete things I have in mindEdit