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Also known as "Stanton" or "Mr A." I'm an amateur artist, and I've taken it upon myself to try and provide illustrations to as many entries on extinct or prehistoric animals as possible...


  The Special Barnstar
For special contribution of your artistic talents, as applied to the field of the natural sciences TeganX7 04:39, 3 September 2007 (UTC)

  The Barnstar of Life
In overdue appreciation of his illustrations of extinct or prehistoric animals. Walter Siegmund (talk) 16:56, 27 July 2007 (UTC)
For Good Works on Prehistoric Images
Presented by SilkTork
  The Fauna Barnstar
Your artwork has made Wikipedia's paleontology articles much prettier than they would otherwise be. Thank you for your amazing work and tireless efforts.:D Abyssal leviathin (talk) 02:49, 15 January 2008 (UTC)

To Do List

If anyone wants to, please feel free to add to this list

  1. Sus strozzi and Eucladoceros in Mediterranean Pliocene Europe
  2. Prodeinotherium near a lake.
  3. Heterodontosaurus fleeing from Megapnosaurus
  4. Kronosaurus swimming
  5. Megalodon underwater chasing Acrophoca
  6. Scarrittia swimming with Rhynchippus browsing
  7. Elomeryx browsing
  8. Ctenurella
  9. Enaliarctos
  10. Sylviornis
  11. Merycopotamus
  12. Megaladapis
  13. Maroccosuchus
  14. Cyprus Dwarf Hippopotamus
  15. Kenyapotamus
  16. Tyrannosaurus rex fighting with one Triceratops
  17. Saichania dinosaur
  18. Allosaurus Dwarf
  19. Hylonomus
  20. Hynerpeton basetti underwater being chased by Hyneria
  21. Cloudina (to adorn new taxobox)
  22. Chapalmalania
  23. Archaeoindris
  24. Platyceramus
  25. Theosodon
  26. The eyes of the mantis shrimp, something like this (It's not extinct, but none of the images on the mantis shrimp page do justice to the beauty of its amazing multicoloured body and amazing eyes) (probably as a diagram)
  27. Planula
  28. Wakaleo oldfieldi
  29. Thylacoleo
  30. Argyrolagus
  31. Ekaltadeta
  32. Ceratogaulus
  33. Protictitherium
  34. Plesictis
  35. Paleotherium
  36. Yuanansuchus Temnospondyl
  37. Turfanosuchus
  38. Turanosuchus
  39. Acerosodontosaurus
  40. Mesozoic Sea Birds, Palaeotringa, Plegadornis, and Graculavus
  41. Clear up hyperlinks linking to non-existent articles or write one
  42. Dire wolfs fighting Arctodus away from their kill
  43. Giant Beaver swimming
  44. Cryptoprocta spelea hunting Archaeoindris fontoynonti the giant lemur
  45. History's biggest birds and bird relatives(bird-dinos)
  46. Turanosuchus
  47. Aphelops
  48. Wutuhyus
  49. Yunguisaurus
  50. Himalayacetus
  51. Rhynchotherium
  52. Waitaha Penguin
  53. Titanis attacking Hipparion
  54. Red Deer Cave people
  55. Pseudomegachasma
  56. Crocodylus bugtiensis
  57. Necrosuchus
  58. Tomistoma cairense
  59. Dasygnathoides? (Not certain if this is possible, fossils are incomplete)
  60. Estemmnosuchids

To Done List