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A Footballing FanEdit

About MeEdit

My name is Alex. I'm an Arsenal football fan. I float around Wikipedia occasionally editing sport or music related articles. I'm only really knowledgeable about things concerning Arsenal but I try to keep up to date on the general football ramblings and transfer sagas. There is only one player's profile I refuse to edit; Cristiano Ronaldo. I shall let people draw their own conclusions on that one.

I try to pride myself on editing things such as useful information, although I end up a hell of a lot of the time editing grammar and spelling mistakes. Can't people use dictionaries or even just google it?!

Czech RepublicEdit

My favorite player is Tomas Rosicky, which leads me to supporting the Czech Republic because I don't feel I have much affiliation to any of the countries of my nationality. England is a team of big-heads amalgamated in Rooney(...), Italy cheat often and they too are big-heads, whilst Greece plays anti-football, because passing in the defence to waste time is ridiculous and very against a supporter's right to watch the beautiful game! So I support the Czechs, Spain (Fabregas!) and Holland (Van Persie:Van man!)

Articles I update most (i.e. often enough)Edit


You might have noticed that I speak a fair amount of languages well. This is because my mother is Italian, my father was Greek, I live in Brussels, I go to a European School and am in the English Language section.

Believe me you are not the first to be confused. Just accept it :)

Keep the faith! Victory through Harmony.