Uruguayan presidential line of succession

The Uruguayan presidential line of succession is the set order in which officials of the Uruguayan government assume the office of head of state if the incumbent President of Uruguay becomes incapacitated, dies, resigns, or is removed from office. The line of succession is set out in Article 153 of the Uruguayan Constitution and follows the order of the Vice President and the Senator of the list most voted for of the political party by which they were elected.[1]

Current order of successionEdit

No. Office Incumbent Party
President Luis Lacalle Pou National
1 Vice President Beatriz Argimón National
2 Senator Graciela Bianchi [A][2] National
3 Senator Sergio Botana National
4 Senator Gloria Rodríguez Santo National
5 Senator Juan Sartori National

Presidential successionsEdit


  1. ^ Álvaro Delgado was elected senator and took office on February 15, 2020; However, in March of the same year, he preferred the position of Secretary of the Presidency, therefore, while he remains in it, he is barred from accessing the presidential succession.


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