Uri Rotstock

The Uri Rotstock is a mountain on the territory of Isenthal, Uri, Switzerland and part of the Uri Alps.

Uri Rotstock
Uri Rotstock.jpg
Highest point
Elevation2,929 m (9,610 ft)[1]
Prominence248 m (814 ft)[2]
Parent peakBrunnistock
Coordinates46°51′42.5″N 8°32′7″E / 46.861806°N 8.53528°E / 46.861806; 8.53528Coordinates: 46°51′42.5″N 8°32′7″E / 46.861806°N 8.53528°E / 46.861806; 8.53528
Uri Rotstock is located in Switzerland
Uri Rotstock
Uri Rotstock
Location in Switzerland
Parent rangeUri Alps
Topo mapSwiss Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

In literatureEdit

In Alan Dean Foster's 1984 science-fiction novel The I Inside, the great supercomputer known as The Colligatarch, the de facto ruler of the world, is located inside Uri Rotstock.


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