The Urbasa Range (Urbasa mendilerroa in Basque and Sierra de Urbasa in Spanish) is a mountain range of western Navarre, Spain, part of the Basque Mountains. Its highest point is the 1,183-metre-high Baiza.

Paisaje de la Sierra de Urbasa.jpg
Urbasa landscape
Highest point
Elevation1,493 m (4,898 ft)
Coordinates42° 50' 18" N, 2° 09' 57" E 
Language of nameBasque
LocationNavarre, Spain
Parent rangeBasque mountains
Location of the Urbasa Range in Navarre

Urbasa is a karstic range where numerous nummulites fossils have been found.[1]

Together with the neighboring Andia range, Urbasa is part of the Urbasa-Andia Natural Park.


  1. Baiza 1,183 m.
  2. Iruaitzeta 1,144 m.
  3. Santa Marina 1,068 m.
  4. Bargagain 1,157 m.


  1. ^ A. Borja and M. Collins, Oceanography and marine environment of the Basque Country, ISBN 978-0-444-51581-0

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Coordinates: 42°50′18″N 2°09′57″W / 42.83833°N 2.16583°W / 42.83833; -2.16583