Upper Palatine Forest

The Upper Palatine Forest (German: Oberpfälzer Wald German pronunciation  or Böhmischer Wald, Czech: Český les) is a mountain range in Central Europe that is divided between Germany and the Czech Republic. It is part of the larger Bohemian Massif and the German Central Uplands.

Upper Palatinate Forest
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View to Mt. Velký Zvon
Highest point
Elevation1,042 m (3,419 ft)
Oberpfälzer Wald - Deutsche Mittelgebirge, Serie A-de.png
CountriesGermany and Czech Republic
ProvincesBavaria and Plzeň Region
Parent rangeCentral Uplands
Bohemian Massif
Type of rockMetamorphic Gneiss, Granite and Serpentinite rocks


Hut on the German-Czech border near Bad Neualbenreuth

The German side belongs to the Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria, it stretches about 100 km (330,000 ft) from the Bavarian Forest in the south up to the Fichtel Mountains and the Steinwald range in the north. However, the highest peaks of the range lie along the eastern Czech side in the Plzeň Region of western Bohemia, northwest of the Bohemian Forest. The southern rim runs from the Cham and Furth Basin across the border to the Všeruby (Neumark) mountain pass, which is part of the Main European Watershed. The other end is marked by Waldsassen, the northernmost town of the Upper Palatinate.

The Mittelgebirge range is a mountainous solid mass, its highest point Čerchov being at an altitude of 1,042 m (3,419 ft). Prominent rocks include the Wolfenstein and the Parkstein hill. Once a mining area for iron and gold, the uplands feature many steep valleys, medieval castle ruins and numerous hiking trails. It is a popular destination for recreation.

Rivers rising in the Upper Palatinate Forest include

Highest peaksEdit

German name Czech name Height (m) Height (ft) State/Region Country
Schwarzkopf Čerchov 1,042 3,419 Plzeň Czech Republic
Skalka 1,005 3,297 Plzeň Czech Republic
Langenfels Dlouhá skála 969 3,179 Plzeň Czech Republic
Tillenberg Dyleň 939 3,081 Karlovy Vary Czech Republic
Fichtenfels Smrčí 935 3,068 Plzeň Czech Republic
Entenbühl 901 2,956 Bavaria Germany
Weingartenfels 896 2,940 Bavaria Germany
Großer Rabenberg Havran 894 2,933 Plzeň Czech Republic
Signalberg 888 2,913 Bavaria Germany
Reichenstein 874 2,867 Bavaria Germany
Plattenberg Velký Zvon 856 2,808 Plzeň Czech Republic
Frauenstein 835 2,740 Bavaria Germany
Schellenberg 829 2,720 Bavaria Germany
Stückstein 808 2,651 Bavaria Germany
Steinberg 802 2,631 Bavaria Germany
Fahrenberg 801 2,628 Bavaria Germany
Schwarzwihrberg / Schloßberg 706 2,316 Bavaria Germany
Johannisberg 605 1,985 Bavaria Germany

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