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The University of Kordofan (Arabic: جامعة كردفان ) (informally Kordofan University) is one of the largest universities in Sudan located in El-Obeid 560 km to the southwest of Khartoum. It was founded in 1990. University of Kordofan is recognized as one of the top universities in Sudan. It features several institutes, academic units and research centres including Institute of Gum Arabic Research and Desertification Studies, Centre for Intermediate Technology in Agriculture and Deanship for Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies. It is a member of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World.[2]

University of Kordofan
University of Kordofan Logo.jpg
MottoThe pride of the Sudanese Universities
Vice ChancellorProf. Mohamed El Nour Taha
The main campus



There are four campuses:

  • Central campus in northern part of the city of El-Obeid
  • Medical campus in the centre of the city of El-Obeid just north to El-Obeid Teaching hospital
  • Taggat campus which is 15 minutes drive (10 km) to the east of El-Obeid, build on the very famous Taggat secondary school
  • Education campus at the western side of the city of El-Obeid


Undergraduate admission policy is governed by the national Board of Higher Education of Sudan, which sets the minimum admission requirement for secondary school students based on their national origin (Sudanese vs. non-Sudanese) and the secondary-school certificate board.


  • Deanship for Research and Postgraduate Training
  • Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Commercial Studies and Business Administration
  • Faculty of Computer Science & Statistic
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technical Studies
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Community
  • Institute of Gum Arabic Research and Desertification Studies
  • Center for Peace & Development
  • Center for Information Unit

Faculty of Medicine and Health SciencesEdit

Faculty of Medicine Seal

The Faculty of Medicine grants the degree of MBBS for its students after finishing six years of studying. With its community-based system, it pays great interest to the community medicine as it starts in the first year and finishes by the end of the fifth year of study. The first batch was admitted in 1992; by 2010, 13 batches had graduated and in 2010 the junior batch has the number 20.

Clinical training takes part in hospitals in the city of El-Obeid and other rural hospitals in the State of North Kordofan:

  • El-Obeid Teaching Hospital
  • Al-Kuwaiti Hospital for Children, El-Obeid
  • Police Hospital, El-Obeid
  • Army Forces Hospital, El-Obeid

The department of Medical Laboratory grants its enrolled students the degree of BMLS after finishing four years of study. Those who qualify for the fifth year will graduate with honors degree.

The department of Public health grants its enrolled students the degree of BPH after finishing four years of study.

Faculty of Natural Resource and Environmental StudiesEdit

Faculty of Natural Resource and Environmental Studies grants bachelor's degree in a number of disciplines such a

  • Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
  • Animal Science
  • Forestry and Pasture
  • Biochemistry
  • Food Science
  • Crop Production and Agricultural Extension


University of Kordofan Library has four branches that are divided on the campus according to the fields of interest and the studying specialty. The main library resides in the Central campus and it serves students from all other campuses as it has a wide variety of sources and textbooks. Attached to each library a computer lab that serves as an online source of knowledge.


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