The African University Ahmed Draia of Adrar (Arabic: الجامعة الأفريقية, French: Université D'adrar) is a university, located in Adrar in the south west of Algeria.[1][2] The name The African University was given to it since the beginning because its researchers and laboratories are specialized in African studies and many of its students come from various African countries, but recently, it has been added the name of the martyr Ahmed Draïa (Arabic: دراية أحمد) because he is a national symbol who fought in the Algerian War of Independence.[2]

University Ahmed Draia of Adrar
Other name
University of Adrar
RectorSalah Hamlil
Location, ,
27°53′27″N 0°17′12″W / 27.8907°N 0.2867°W / 27.8907; -0.2867
WebsiteUniversity of Adrar

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