List of universities in Algeria

This is a list of universities in Algeria, there are an estimated 114 universities and colleges under the authority of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Algeria. The following are among the universities in Algerias:

List of universities edit

Province University Name Established Type Website
Adrar University of Ahmed Draia 1986 Public [1]
Ain Defla Djilali Bounaama University of Khemis Miliana 1991 Public [2] (in Arabic)
Ain Temouchent Belhadj Bouchaib University Centre of Ain Témouchent Public [3]
Algiers Benyoucef Benkhedda University of Algiers 1832 Public [4] (in French)
Algiers University of Algiers Abou El Kacem Saadallah 2009 Public [5] (in Arabic)
Algiers University of Algiers Brahim Soltane Chaibout 2009 Public [6] (in Arabic)
Algiers University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB) 1974 Public [7]
Algiers National Higher School of Artificial Intelligence (ENSIA) 2021 Public
Algiers National Higher School of Mathematics (NHSM) 2021 Public
Algiers National Polytechnic School (ENS) 1925 Public
Algiers National Veterinary School (ENV) 1970 Public
Algiers [[National Higher School of Agronomy (ENSA) 1905 Public
Algiers National School of Computer Science (INI) 1969 Public
Algiers Higher School of Kouba Public
Algiers National Higher School of Bouzaréah (ENSB) 1984 Public
Algiers National School of Marine and Coastal Sciences (ENSSMAL) 2008 Public
Algiers National School of Journalism and Information Sciences 2015 Public
Algiers National School of Public Works 1966 Public (in French)
Algiers National School of Political Science 2009 Public
Algiers National School of Technology 2016 Public
Annaba University of Badji Mokhtar Annaba (UBMA) 1975 Public [8] (in French)
Annaba Higher School of Industrial Technologies 2017 Public
Annaba National School of Mines and Metallurgy 2009 Public
Batna Université Colonel Hadj Lakhdar 1977 Public [9] (in French)
Batna Mostefa Ben Boulaid University 2015 Public [10]
Batna National School of Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Public (in French)
Batna University Center of Barika 2011 Public [11] (in Arabic)
Bechar University of Tahri Mohammed Bechar 1986 Public [12] (in French)
Bechar Higher Normal School of Bechar 2015 Public
Bejaia University Abderrahmane Mira of Bejaia 1983 Public [13]
Bejaia Higher School of Computer Science and Technology 2016 Public
Biskra University of Mohamed Khider Biskra 1984 Public [14]
Blida Saad Dahlab University of Blida 1977 Public [15] (in French)
Blida Ali Lounici University of Blida 2011 Public [16] (in Arabic)
Blida National Superior School of Hydraulics (ENSH) 1985 Public
Bordj Bou Arreridj University of Bordj Bou Arreridj 2000 Public [17] (in French)
Bouira Akli Mohand OulhadjUniversity of Bouira 2001 Public [18] (in French)
Boumerdes M'hamed Bougara University of Boumerdes 1964 Public [19] (in French)
Chlef Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef 1983 Public [20] (in French)
Constantine Mentouri Université Constantine 1 1958 Public [21]
Constantine Abdelhamid Mehri Université Constantine 2 2011 Public [22] (in French)
Constantine Salah Boubnider Université Constantine 3 2011 Public [23] (in French)
Constantine Emir Abdelkader University of Islamic Science 1984 Public [24]
Constantine National Polytechnic School of Constantine (ENPC) 2011 Public
Constantine National School of Biotechnology (ENSB) Public
Djelfa Ziane Achour University of Djelfa 1990 Public [25]
El Bayadh University Center of Nour Bachir El Bayadh 2010 Public [26]
El Oued University of El Hamma Lakhdar Oued 1995 Public [27]
El Taref University of Chadli Bendjedid El Taref 1992 Public [28] (in French)
Ghardaia University of Ghardaia 2004 Public [29] (in Arabic)
Guelma University of Guelma 1986 Public [30] (in French)
Illizi University Center of Illizi 2012 Public [31] (in French)
Jijel University of Jijel 1986 Public [32]
Khenchela University of Khenchela 2001 Public [33] (in French)
Laghouat University of Laghouat 1986 Public [34] (in French)
Laghouat University Center of Aflou 2012 Public [35] (in French)
Laghouat Higher Normal School of Laghouat 2012 Public [36] (in Arabic)
Mascara University of Mascara 1986 Public [37]
Medea University of Medea 1989 Public [38]
Mila Abdelhafid Boussouf University of Mila 2008 Public [39] (in French)
Mostaganem University of Mostaganem 1969 Public [40]
M'Sila University of M'Sila 1985 Public [41]
Naama University Center of Naama 2010 Public [42] (in French)
Oran University of Oran 1961 Public [43]
Oran [[University of Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed 2014 Public [44] (in French)
Oran University of Science and Technology Oran Mohamed Boudiaf 1971 Public [45] (in French)
Oran National Polytechnic School of Oran 2012 Public
Ouargla University of Ouargla 1987 Public [46] (in French)
Ouargla Higher Normal School of Ouargla 2015 Public
Oum El Bouaghi Larbi Ben M'hidi University of Oum El Bouaghi 1983 Public [47] (in French)
Relizane University Center of Relizane 2008 Public [48] (in French)
Saida University of Saida 1986 Public [49]
Setif Ferhat Abbas Setif 1 University 1978 Public [50]
Setif Mohamed Lamine Debaghine Setif 2 University 2011 Public [51]
Sidi Bel Abbes Djillali Liabes University 1978 Public [52] (in French)
Sidi Bel Abbes Higher School of Computer Science of Sidi Bel Abbes 2014 Public
Skikda University of Skikda 1988 Public [53] (in French)
Souk Ahras University of Souk Ahras Mohamed Cherif Messaadia 1998 Public [54]
Tamanrasset University of Tamanrasset 2005 Public [55]
Tebessa Echahid Cheikh Larbi Tebessi University 1985 Public [56] (in French)
Tiaret University of Tiaret 1980 Public [57] (in French)
Tindouf University Center of Tindouf Public [58]
Tipaza Abdallah Morsli University Center 2011 Public [59] (in French)
Tipaza Higher School of Management and Digital Economy Public
Tissemsilt Ahmed Ben Yahia Al Wancharissi University Center 2005 Public [60] (in French)
Tizi Ouzou Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi Ouzou 1977 Public [61] (in French)
Tlemcen University of Tlemcen 1974 Public [62]
Tlemcen University Center of Maghnia 2006 Public [63]
Tlemcen National School of Applied Sciences of Tlemcen (ENSAT) 2009 Public

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