1800 United States House of Representatives election in Connecticut

Of the 7 Connecticut incumbents, 5 were re-elected.

Note: Between the two sources used, there is disagreement over the ordering of the candidates. Both sources have the same numbers of votes recorded, but disagree on which candidates received those votes, one source lists Goddard as 8th, Talmadge as 9th, etc., as listed here, while the other has them as 11th, 12th, etc., three places off for all of them until the bottom three listed here which are moved up to 8th-10th, suggesting that one of the two sources accidentally misplaced three names on the list. They are ordered here as Goddard and Talmadge in 8th and 9th place as it is more likely that they'd been at the top of the runners-up given that they were subsequently elected to fill vacancies in the 7th Congress.

District Incumbent This race
Representative Party First elected Results Candidates
Connecticut at-large
7 seats on a general ticket
William Edmond Federalist 1797 (Special) Incumbent re-elected but chose not to serve.
A special election was therefore held to replace him.
Samuel W. Dana (Federalist) 11.1%
Roger Griswold (Federalist) 10.9%
John Cotton Smith (Federalist) 10.8%
William Edmond (Federalist) 10.4%
Elizur Goodrich (Federalist) 10.2%
John Davenport (Federalist) 9.3%
Elias Perkins (Federalist) 8.6%
Calvin Goddard (Federalist) 5.7%
Benjamin Talmadge (Federalist) 5.3%
Simeon Baldwin (Federalist) 5.2%
Timothy Pitkin (Federalist) 3.8%
William Moseley (Federalist) 2.7%
Epaphroditus Champion (Federalist) 2.3%
Chauncey Goodrich (Federalist) 1.7%
Jonathan Brace (Federalist) 1.0%
William Hart (Democratic-Republican) 0.8%
Gideon Granger (Democratic-Republican) 0.4%
Sylvester Gilbert (Democratic-Republican) 0.1%
Chauncey Goodrich Federalist 1794 Incumbent lost re-election.
Federalist hold.
Jonathan Brace Federalist 1798 (Special) Incumbent resigned in May 1800.
Federalist hold.
Winner (John Cotton Smith) also elected to finish the term.
Roger Griswold Federalist 1794 Incumbent re-elected.
Elizur Goodrich Federalist 1798 Incumbent re-elected but chose not to serve.
A special election was therefore held to replace him.
John Davenport Federalist 1798 Incumbent re-elected.
Samuel W. Dana Federalist 1796 Incumbent re-elected.

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