1798 United States House of Representatives election in Connecticut

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates[Note 1]
Connecticut at-large
7 seats on a general ticket
William Edmond Federalist 1797 (Special) Incumbent re-elected. John Allen (Federalist) 13.4%
Chauncey Goodrich (Federalist) 12.5%
Samuel W. Dana (Federalist) 12.4%
William Edmond (Federalist) 11.8%
Roger Griswold (Federalist) 11.5%
Jonathan Brace (Federalist) 8.4%
John Davenport (Federalist) 7.0%
Elizur Goodrich (Federalist) 4.1%
Timothy Pitkin (Federalist) 3.7%
Benjamin Tallmadge (Federalist) 3.5%
John C. Smith (Federalist) 3.5%
Elias Perkins (Federalist) 3.2%
Calvin Goddard (Federalist) 2.2%
Simeon Baldwin (Federalist) 1.6%
Chauncey Goodrich Federalist 1794 Incumbent re-elected.
Joshua Coit Federalist 1792 Incumbent died September 5, 1798.
New member elected.
Federalist hold.
Roger Griswold Federalist 1794 Incumbent re-elected.
Nathaniel Smith Federalist 1795 (Special) Incumbent lost re-election.
New member elected.
Federalist hold.
John Allen Federalist 1796 Incumbent re-elected, but declined to serve.
Samuel W. Dana Federalist 1796 Incumbent re-elected.

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  1. ^ Only candidates with at least 1% of the vote listed