The Unison Tour is the third concert tour by Celine Dion. The tour was organized to support her ninth studio album Unison (1990).[1] Dion performed her show 75 times in Canada[2]

Unison Tour
Tour by Céline Dion
Associated albumUnison
Start date10 October 1990
End date9 October 1991
No. of shows31 known dates
75 Total
Céline Dion concert chronology


The tour had three legs. At first Céline Dion toured Quebec, starting in October 1990 in Drummondville and ending on 6 December 1990 in Quebec City. During one of the shows on 13 October 1990 in Sherbrooke Dion lost her voice for the second time (first time was during the Incognito tournée).[3] Because of laryngitis, Dion had to postpone next three concerts in Montreal, between 16–18 October 1990.[citation needed]

On 20 December 1990 it was announced that Dion has postponed the rest of her concert tour for a two-month period. She still suffered the effects of a bout with laryngitis, coupled with exhaustion from a series of performances at Theatre St. Denis. Performances in Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Ottawa and Trois-Rivières, scheduled for January and February, were rescheduled in the spring. Celine wrote on that experience: "I had to begin the Unison tour by doing four shows in a row for my wonderful Quebecois audience. Two in Drum-mondville and two in Sherbrooke. The tragedy happened on the third night. My voice broke all of a sudden. It came apart like wet paper. It was like entering a vacuum, total darkness. I felt as if I were blowing into a punctured balloon. At that moment I believed my voice would never return. Or that it would come back completely undone, changed, unrecognizable. During a guitar solo, I gave a signal to the stage manager that I could not go on. Rene went onstage to tell the audience what had happened and to assure them that I´d come back to the show later, in a few days or weeks, as soon as I could. Then people began to applaud. They stood up to show me their sympathy and support. After that, I dissolved into tears."

Later, she started the tour in the English-speaking Canada, which lasted between February and April 1991.

During the third leg, between 19 May and 9 October 1991 Dion gave 37 concerts in 25 different cities.

She ended her tour in Quebec, performing in Quebec City on 31 August 1991.

Opening actsEdit

  • Francois Massicotte (select dates)[2]

Set listEdit

  1. "Love by Another Name"
  2. "If Love Is Out the Question"
  3. "Have a Heart"
  4. "Délivre-moi"
  5. "D'abord, c'est quoi l'amour?"
  6. "I Feel Too Much"
  7. "Hello Mégo"
  8. "Can't Live with You, Can't Live Without You"
  9. "Calling You"
  10. "(If There Was) Any Other Way"
  11. "The Last to Know"
  12. "Unison"
  13. "Where Does My Heart Beat Now"

Known tour datesEdit

Date City Country Venue
North America[4][self-published source][5][6][7][8][9]
10 October 1990 Drummondville Canada Centre Marcel Dionne
11 October 1990
12 October 1990 Sherbrooke Salle Maurice-O'Bready
13 October 1990
19 October 1990 Montreal Théâtre Saint-Denis
20 October 1990
22 October 1990
23 October 1990
24 October 1990
7 November 1990
11 November 1990
20 November 1990
23 November 1990
24 November 1990
6 December 1990 Quebec City Grand Théâtre de Québec
12 December 1990 Montreal Théâtre Saint-Denis
16 December 1990
5 March 1991 Vancouver 86th Street Music Hall
8 March 1991 St. Albert Arden Theater
9 March 1991 Calgary Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
11 March 1991 Winnipeg Walker Theatre
15 March 1991 Toronto Winter Garden Theatre
4 June 1991 Quebec City Grand Théâtre de Québec
19 June 1991 Montreal Montreal Forum
1 August 1991 Longueuil Marie-Victorin Waterfront Park
3 August 1991 Quebec City Marché du Vieux-Port de Québec
25 August 1991 Toronto The Bandshell
28 August 1991 Sept-Îles Le Cégep de Sept-Îles
29 August 1991 Baie-Comeau Theatre de Baie-Comeau
31 August 1991 Quebec City Marché du Vieux-Port de Québec
9 October 1991 Halifax Cardinal Cushing Auditorium

Broadcasts and recordingsEdit

The 1991 show at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada was filmed and aired on MusiMax. Three songs from that concert: "Délivre-moi", "Have a Heart", and "Calling You" were included later on the Unison home video.

On 19 June 1991 Céline Dion gave a special, sold out one night "Ten Year Career Concert" at the Montreal Forum (16,000 spectators), where she was accompanied by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.



  • Management: René Angélil, Feeling Productions Inc.
  • Tour Manager: Suzanne Gingue
  • Lighting Design: Yves Aucoin
  • Lighting Director: Eric Lapointe
  • Intellabeam Technician: Steve Baird
  • Lighting Technician: Adrian Pascau
  • House Sound: Yves Savoies
  • Monitors: Charles Ethier
  • Band Gear: Jean-Francois Dubois
  • Thanks: Concert Productions International, Donald K. Donald Productions


  • Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars: Claude "Mégo" Lemay
  • Drums: Peter Barbeau
  • Bass: Sylvain Bolduc
  • Keyboards: Yves Frulla
  • Guitars: Pierre Gauthier


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