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Starting on 11 January 1988, Céline Dion's Incognito tournée was a concert tour organized to support the album Incognito.[1] Dion gave 75 shows in Quebec.[2][3]

Incognito tournée
Tour by Céline Dion
Associated albumIncognito
Start date11 January 1988
End date18 December 1988
No. of shows75 in North America
75 in total
Céline Dion concert chronology



Céline Dion toured Quebec only. The Incognito tournée started on 11 January 1988 at the Theatre du Cuivre, Rouyn-Noranda. Dion gave 7 concerts in the northern region of Quebec and 2 in Laval.

Dion gave a series of 42 consecutive shows at the Saint-Denis Theatre in Montreal. She performed there for a month starting on 10 February 1988, and later between 12–17 April 1988, 14–19 June 1988, 21–24 September 1988 and 14–18 December 1988.

Dion performed mainly tracks from Incognito, but also a medley of songs from the musical Starmania, "Ton visage" (Jean-Pierre Ferland's cover) and she did imitations of Michael Jackson, Mireille Mathieu, Ginette Reno and Diane Dufresne. During that tour she lost her voice for the first time.[4]

On 2 May 1989, year after winning Eurovision Song Contest with "Ne partez pas sans moi," Dion gave her first concert in Switzerland. She performed in Theatre de Baulieu in Lausanne.[5]

In reference to this tour Celine has said "the memories that first come to mind when I think of the Incognito tour are filled with fits of laughter. From the beginning, in Abitibi, just like the preceding tour, we all knew that we had a good product. And an audience that had been conquered in advance."

Set listEdit

  1. "That's What Friends Are For"
  2. "Comme un cœur froid"
  3. "Carmen "L'amour est enfant de bohême""
  4. "Ton Visage"
  5. "Love by Another Name"
  6. Medley Starmania:
    1. "Quand on arrive en ville"
    2. "Les uns contre les autres"
    3. "Le monde est stone"
    4. "Naziland, ce soir on danse"
  7. "Incognito"
  8. "Délivre-moi"
  9. "Lolita (trop jeune pour aimer)"
  10. "D'abord, c'est quoi l'amour?"
  11. "Ne partez pas sans moi"

Tour datesEdit

Date City Country Venue
North America
11 January 1988 Rouyn-Noranda Canada Theatre du Cuivre[6]
20 January 1988 Quebec City Palais Montcalm
21 January 1988
22 January 1988
10 February 1988 Montreal Theatre Saint-Denis[6]
12 April 1988
17 April 1988
14 June 1988
19 June 1988
June 1988 Sainte-Agathe[6]
4 August 1988 Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts[6]
17 August 1988 Ottawa National Arts Centre[7]
21 September 1988 Montreal Theatre Saint-Denis[6]
24 September 1988
14 December 1988
18 December 1988



  • Management: René Angélil, Feeling Productions Inc.
  • Tour Manager: Suzanne Gingue
  • Sound Technician: Denis Savage
  • Stage Sound: Daniel Baron


  • Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars: Claude "Mégo" Lemay
  • Drums: Marc Alie
  • Bass, Vocals: Breen LeBoeuf
  • Guitars: Pierre Gauthier
  • Keyboards: Paul Morin
  • Saxophones: Martin Daviault
  • Backing Vocals: Ghislaine Dion


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