Union of Lublin Mound (Ukrainian: Копець Люблінської унії; Polish: Kopiec Unii Lubelskiej) is an artificial hill, 29 m high, in Lviv, modern day Ukraine created in 1869-1890 by Polish inhabitants to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Union of Lublin by initiative and with financial support of Franciszek Smolka.[1] It is located on the summit of Lviv High Castle.[2]

Aerial view of the mound, late 1930s
Status in late nineteenth and early twentieth century

There is an observation platform at the top of the mound (altitude 413 m), offering a vantage viewpoint over Lviv.

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49°50′53.95″N 24°2′22.05″E / 49.8483194°N 24.0394583°E / 49.8483194; 24.0394583