ungoogled-chromium is a free and open-source Chromium-based web browser with the aim of increasing privacy through removing Google components and blobs.[1][2] The developers behind the project describe it as "Google Chromium, sans (without) dependency on Google web services".[3][4] Unlike many Chromium-based browsers, ungoogled-chromium tries to retain the default Chromium experience, being described by its developers as "essentially a drop-in replacement for Chromium".

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Original author(s)Eloston
Initial releaseMarch 2, 2018 (First Version - Portable Linux 64-bit)
Preview release
95.0.4638.54-1 (Source Code) / October 21, 2021
Written inMainly C++, HTML, C, Python, Java and all languages used by the original Chromium Web Browser
EngineBlink, V8
PlatformAndroid, Linux, macOS, Windows
LicenseBSD-3-Clause License


  • Disabling functionality that require Google domains, including Google Safe Browsing.
  • Replacing Google web domains in the Chromium source code with non-existent web domains and blocking internal requests to those domains.
  • Removing binaries from the Chromium source code and replacing them with custom alternatives.

The browser also adds smaller non-essential features such as flags protecting against fingerprinting and borrows features from other projects such as Debian. Some Chromium features do not work on ungoogled-chromium, a notable one being installing extensions directly from the Chrome Web Store.

Reception and historyEdit

Ungoogled-chromium was first developed for Linux, then for other operating systems.

Eloston used to release binaries with his source code updates, but eventually he stopped releasing binaries and allowed others to compile and test the software, using his source code.

In a review, Techspot called ungoogled chromium "Google Chromium without dependency on Google web services, plus better privacy, control and transparency."[5]


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