Softpedia is a software and tech-news website based in Romania. It indexes, reviews and hosts downloadable software, has dedicated sections for Windows, Mac, Linux, Games, Drivers, Mobile, Webscripts, and News, and reports on technology and science topics from both external and in-house sources.

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Type of site
Download & news website
Available inEnglish, Romanian
OwnerSoftNews NET SRL
RegistrationOptional (not compulsory to download software)
Launched2001; 20 years ago (2001)[citation needed]
Current statusActive


Whenever possible, Softpedia includes one or more screenshots of each downloadable application, often showing its menus to help illustrate its features. Unlike most software sites that publish information provided by software developers, Softpedia's reviews are personally written by its staff reviewers.

Each review features the reviewer's 1–5 star rating, and often a public rating, to which any of the site's visitors may contribute.

Products are arranged in categories and sub-categories, which visitors can sort according to most recent updates, number of downloads, or ratings. Free software and commercial software (trials, demos) can also be viewed separately. SP displays virtual awards for products free of adware, spyware and commercial tie-ins. Products that include unrelated and/or unanticipated components and offers are clearly marked with links to complete details, so visitors can make educated choices about downloading and installing them.[1]

Softpedia does not repack software for distribution. It provides direct downloads of software in its original provided form, links to developers's downloads, or both. Unlike most software sites, Softpedia hosts many products on their own servers (automatically scanned for malware), so they are available even when their developers' sites are not.

Besides being a popular destination for software downloads,[2] Softpedia features news, reviews and interviews on information technology, software and tech accessories.[3] It is owned by SoftNews NET SRL, a Romanian company.[citation needed]

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