Ungirls (アンガールズ, Angāruzu) is a Japanese comedy duo (kombi) consisting of Takushi Tanaka [ja] and Yoshiaki Yamane [ja]. They have featured on a number of television shows. The duo are employed by Watanabe Entertainment, and are mainly active in Tokyo.

Native nameAngāruzu (アンガールズ)
Years active2002–
EmployerWatanabe Entertainment



Tanaka and Yamane met each other at a travel focused circle in university and became friends with similar hobbies. Tanaka moved to Tokyo in early 2000, and Yamane followed one month after. At the time, both of them had a different comedic partner at the time, but after a few months in Tokyo, they left their former units and formed Ungirls. After successfully passing the audition for Watanabe Entertainment, the unit officially formed and began activities in 2002.[3]

From 2004 and onward, Ungirls appeared on various variety shows and were known for their unique "gross" and "unsettling" characters. The name "Ungirls" is also derived from having no chance or luck with girls due to their outer appearance, hence adding "Un" to "girls" to form the name.

In 2017, Ungirls made it as a finalist in King of Conte 2017.[4]


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